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How to make Entangled Gold Mine-style building?

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I tried few days ago to do this, but bugs keep appearing.

I want to create a building that can only be put on gold mine, does not require another building to be there (like night elves' tree), and needs to load inside Peasant in order to work.

I tried three things:
1. copied Haunted gold mine, edited its icon, description, removed haunted gold mine ability and put 'load wisp', 'entangled gold mine ability' , 'unload instant'. Buildings this structure results in CRASH
2. The above, but I put the abilities of the entangled gold mine with triggers after its complited. Result:
error 'needs wisps loaded'. even though i changed the requirement to peasants
3. I copied entangled gold mine, changed its model and tried to buiild it from the Tree of Life. This worked, so I tried to build it from Town Hall. CRASHED.

Problem with 3. is that this is requiring a building to stay alive, and not just any, but exaclt the Tree of Life, and not any Tree of Life, but that exact ID, and I want it to be independent.
Think 'Haunted Gold Mine' with 'Entangle gold mine ' abilities.

Any thoughts??
Not open for further replies.