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My new wisp won't mine gold!

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Level 6
Feb 6, 2008
I made a race very similar to the night elves, but for some reason, my wisps refuse to mine from the gold mine.

If the gold mine is untangled, it says that it must be entangled first. If the gold mine is entangled by my Tree of Pain, it says the gold mine is already entangled, and still refuses to mine from it.

My Tree of Pain is identical to the Tree of Life, except that it uses the Corrupted Tree of Life model, Icon, and stuff like that. It has the ability Entangle Gold Mine.

My Swamp Wisp is a direct copy of the Wisp, except I changed the Tinting color values, Techtree - Structures Built, Text - Name, Text - Tooltip - Basic, and Text - Tooltip - Extended.

What could be the problem?
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