How to create a generic "verify" dialog/option

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Aug 7, 2013

I am using dialogs a way for players to select options. These include buying items, throwing items out, or even permanently removing party members.

Naturally when a player is deciding such an option, we want to be certain it is the option they want and not just an errant mouse/keyboard click.

Thus we use a verify dialog, which basically goes like this:

dialog 1: Player selects an item to throw away

Response: show verify dialog

verify dialog: Are you sure? (two buttons: yes or no).

This reduces the chance of the player hurting themselves or buying an unwanted item and also lets them think over the choice.

Now when the player hits yes, it confirms the choice and does whatever.

Now, is there a way to make a single callback for all verify dialogs, regardless of the result?

Or do I need O(n) verify dialogs, one for each unique callback (removing an item, buying an item, firing a party member, etc.)?
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