how to change walk animation

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Nov 25, 2010
i have download a model, it has a very very lot of model, it has walk animation and walk fast animation (run) , the problem is i want to make my model always use walk fast animation, but i dont know how to change it, because it weird have a fast ms but in walk animation, somebody can you tell me how to change it?? ps: i want to change it permanently

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Dec 15, 2007
Simply open your Object editor, find your unit, and locate "Art - Required Animation Names", then Add String "fast". Here's a pic.



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Mar 19, 2008
^Don't use solution above, it will make your use use 'fast' animation in any state (stand etc.)

Okey, at first download Magos Wacraft3 Model Editor.
Once done, enter the program and from File -> Open choose your model. When you do, head to Windows -> Sequence Manager. There will be list of all animations given model has. Right-click on 'Walk' animation and change the value in 'Name' (simple just rename it), then do the same with your 'run' animation but this time make sure you've changed Name into 'Walk'.

War3 engine plays 'Walk' animation for any unit that is moving, thus if you have changed the 'Run' animation's name into 'Walk' it will be the one played now (war3 just runs animations via strings so renaming them enables us to manipulate animations in such way).