HotS Traitor King Anub'arak + alts

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Nerubian Traitor King Anub'arak from Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard Entertainment.

Also included are Anub'arak's Carrion Beetle, Ice Anub'arak from Wrath of the Lich King and Cyb'arak.

Well, let's be honest about this-- the only major reason why I fiddled with this guy is because I needed/used him for my own campaign. I ultimately modified the Ice variant skin for that purpose, but Anub'arak is generally known for his classic skin so that was added. The Ice skin is generally how I feel he sets himself apart from any other random Crypt Lord (and in WoW it's actually the closest his appearance ever got to his classic one since the one in Azjol-Nerub looks nothing like him).

Carrion Beetles are the only thing in this set that has Team Color on it.

Cyb'arak example included because reasons. Likely needs his spell effects ported for the best effect.

One more thing-- before you complain about the non-existent portrait glow keep in mind the portrait camera can't see anything past his giant head.

ED: Added Cyber Carrion Beetle and Cyber Impale (it turns out both use the same skin-- Hive required it posted twice, but it is the exact same skin). Cyber Impale can be used for both the regular graphic and the target buff graphic (it will fling people into the air).

ED 5/29/2021: Added Ultimate Form and Anubalisk.

Anub'arak Carrion Beetle (Model)

Anub'arak Ultimate Form (Model)

Anub'arak Ultimate Form Ice (Model)

Anubalisk (Anub'arak Zerg) (Model)

Carrion Beetle Cyber (Model)

Cyb'arak (Blue) (Model)

HotS Traitor King Anub'arak + alts (Model)

Impale Cyber (Model)

Wrath of the Lich King Anub'arak (Model)

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Nov 20, 2020
@Razorclaw_X dude thanks for the epic uploads!!!! btw the wiz model sometimes its animation speed just becomes 2x-3x faster.....i think its the mirror image causing some bug? and when u use mirror image again its reverted back to normal speed. but the speed doesnt increase after casting mirror image.....just out of nowhere, can u look at it why the animation speed (all even the walk) becomes fast out of nowhere. ty again for these epic models.
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Mar 3, 2021
Wow! Hice model, glad to see peapole are also importing models from hots... maybe a Varian one next?