HotS King Varian Wrynn + alts

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Heroes of the Storm King Varian Wrynn by Blizzard Entertainment.

Also included are Footman Varian and Grand Marshal Varian from the Alterac Valley map.

Varian comes with three stances: Protection, Arms, and Fury. By default he will use the Protection stance; in order to use the Arms stance go to Art- Required Animations and add the tags "Upgrade, One" and for Fury add "Upgrade, Two". The stances are not meant to move across each other so generally you're going to have to pick one and roll with it (the tags can also be added at run time by adding Animation Tags to the unit, or removed by removing Animation Tags in the same way).

I am deliberately avoiding using 'Alternate' for one of the stances because some abilities like Avatar and Locust Swarm always refer to it. If this is your desired behavior you can edit the model to change the tags of the stance you require.

Technically he has a 'fourth' stance which is really 'no stance', but it is not included because it would bloat the file size even further. If you must know it's two-handed sword in the Protection stance.

Fun trivia: Varian's Arms stance attack animations are identical to War3 Paladin Arthas' attack animations.

Footman Varian (Model)

Grand Marshal Varian (Model)

HotS King Varian Wrynn + alts (Model)

Level 6
Mar 16, 2013
You got a point bout that "alternate tags" kinda realized that just now
nice that you put hero glow too in the shalamayne's orb
one thing that i will not make him do is to stand victory lol but its fine lol