HotS Jaina Proudmoore + alts

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Heroes of the Storm Jaina Proudmoore by Blizzard Entertainment.

Includes: Base Jaina, Theramore Jaina ('Modern'), Dreadlord Jaina, Lunar Festival Jaina, and Winter Veil Jaina.

Theramore Jaina's skin is edited so she doesn't have her post-bomb look; consider it the pre-bomb look. Her in-game skin in HotS is actually post-bomb.

Dreadlord Jaina has completely different animations from the others and is actually rigged completely different-- its almost like she's an entirely new character.

Call of Kel'thuzad Dreadlord Jaina (Model)

Feast of Winter Veil Jaina (Model)

HotS Jaina Proudmoore + alts (Model)

Lunar Festival Jaina (Model)

Theramore Jaina ('Modern') (Model)

Level 12
Apr 12, 2018
Great models. Don't you have the original textures in high resolution?
Reforged holds up easily.
I currently don't have Reforged and am not making these primarily for that as I want to be able to use them in regular War3. In all honesty if I was ONLY doing it for Reforged you can mostly just straight up use the original textures instead of going through the trouble of baking/converting them.

I do have the original high resolution textures, just I prefer not to post them for file size purposes. Also because of the previous paragraph.
Level 2
Jan 2, 2021
did you plan to make the rest of the heroes?

Is there a chance that you will do some of the camp units or minions too?

A couple of doodads, if necessary? : D ... I would be happy to see more Diablo themed models