HotS Jaina Proudmoore + alts

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Warcraft 3's Jaina Proudmoore by Blizzard Entertainment, as she appeared in Heroes of the Storm.

- Base Jaina
- Theramore Jaina ('Modern')
- Dreadlord Jaina
- Lunar Festival Jaina
- Feast of Winter Veil Jaina.
- Tempest Regalia Jaina
- Ultimate Jaina (Arcanist Set)

Theramore Jaina's skin is edited so she doesn't have her post-bomb look; consider it the pre-bomb look. Her in-game skin in HotS is actually post-bomb.

Dreadlord Jaina has completely different animations from the others and is actually rigged completely different-- its almost like she's an entirely new character.

ED: 5/31/2021: Added Tempest and Ultimate Jaina.

Ultimate Jaina includes her particle effect on her shoulders which took a little extra time to get looking okay. Yes, I know it looks wrong on the online viewer, but it looks the way it should in-game.

Call of Kel'thuzad Dreadlord Jaina (Model)

Feast of Winter Veil Jaina (Model)

HotS Jaina Proudmoore + alts (Model)

Lunar Festival Jaina (Model)

Tempest Set Jaina (Model)

Theramore Jaina ('Modern') (Model)

Ultimate Jaina (Arcanist Set) (Model)

Level 20
Apr 12, 2018
Great models. Don't you have the original textures in high resolution?
Reforged holds up easily.
I currently don't have Reforged and am not making these primarily for that as I want to be able to use them in regular War3. In all honesty if I was ONLY doing it for Reforged you can mostly just straight up use the original textures instead of going through the trouble of baking/converting them.

I do have the original high resolution textures, just I prefer not to post them for file size purposes. Also because of the previous paragraph.
Level 2
Jan 2, 2021
did you plan to make the rest of the heroes?

Is there a chance that you will do some of the camp units or minions too?

A couple of doodads, if necessary? : D ... I would be happy to see more Diablo themed models
Level 1
May 24, 2021
when i use the model and try to test my map, it says "System Error: The system cannot find the path specified." and in-game her model becomes invisible. Any solutions to this?

Edit: oh nvm, fixed! I realised i made a typo while typing the custom path
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