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HotS Archlich Kel'thuzad + alts

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Warcraft's Archlich Kel'thuzad as he appears in Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard Entertainment.

This pack contains:
- Kel'thuzad
- Star Lich Kel'thuzad

Currently the Blender SC2 importer can't properly handle Kel'thuzad's HotS animations, therefore he currently uses animations from Warcraft 3 Reforged (through bone renaming and animation transfer using Retera's Model Studio). His HotS animations are... rather complex to say the least.

According to Kel'thuzad's backstory in HotS he's actually been in the Nexus for a very long time and only made his presence known during the "Obey the Call" event. In my headcanon he's the true power behind the Grave Keeper (doubly so since he made his 'debut' on Towers of Doom and Haunted Mines is no longer officially playable, thus making him the Realm Lord of Haunted Mines, which makes him currently stronger than the Lich King in the Nexus).

Yes, he is very tall-- and very handsome, too.

ED 8/29/2021: Adjusted particle effect to move the way you would think while Walking. Posted Skin variants for the main version.

"Minions, servants, soldiers of the cold dark-- obey the call of Kel'thuzad!"

Archlich Kel'thuzad (Model)

Star Lich Kel'thuzad (Model)

Var1 (Texture)

Var2 (Texture)

Var3 (Texture)

Var4 (Texture)