Hots Dreadlord Jaina

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is anyone still enjoy the classic version warcraft like me...
An alternate Jaina from Nether world...
For the Nethrazim!
gv credit when use or edit...


1. tags
2. missing origin ref fixed
3. portrait face mesh fixed

Hots Dreadlord Jaina (Model)

Hots Dreadlord Jaina (Model)

Lovely Model. No Major flaws. I like it. Approved.
Level 4
Dec 2, 2008
Beautiful model!! Personally, I think that the color of the particles in the "spell" animation, look kind of weird. A little more green, as in the animation "spell throw" would look better.
But again, it's just a personal opinion
Level 24
Oct 23, 2010
Nice model, but can you Reforged it?
why still wan to reforged it? when u can instanly use any rip model u wan in war 3 reforged game...:xxd::xxd::xxd:

Me very likey.
For the netherzim
I absolutely adore how much mileage that Sylvanas face gets. : )

Great model. Classic lives on!
thx long live classic.

Why don't the manager add a link to the icon of the model?
can use hots icon and edit urself aint hard buddy just need spent some time...

You could've used the wings of other dreadlord Jaina model made by Stefan imo. Generic dreadlord wings don't suit to this awesome model.
Thx for the rate...
The reason i use original dreadlord wings is because its is simple and it has team colour i want. and the mesh is already enuf to present her as a dreadlord... if i make a custom wings for her it will increase the polycount and effect the file size...
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Level 8
Jun 13, 2008
if i make a custom wings for her it will increase the polycount and effect the file size...
Filesize is irrelevant now right? I mean, model itself is highpoly and HQ but it has wings from a 2002 model that is why it seems a bit off. You could at least wrap the non-TC part of wings with the texture you used for the skin idk. Still awesome though:)