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Holy War: Anniversary 1.32a

Submitted by iXeddin
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Holy war
Updated by Xeddin
Map based on Region 0.37 by rulerofiron99(with permission of author).Made for all who waiting for region update)
Map Info:
Build an army on your territory. Every round, your army spawns to fight either against randomised creep waves, or against another player's army. You have no direct control over your army after it spawns; your role is to build the right units in the right formation and gave them correct orders. Victory is achieved by acquiring a set number of Victory Points, gained by beating other players' armies.

Or you can play as powerful boss and destroy all opponents by yourself in new game mode.


According to the latest data this card develops business thinking(it helps assess the risks and benefits, as well as to correctly assess the value of things).

Suggested players: 2-6.
Playable in single player, but not recommended (balance is for 2+ players)

Drawing inspiration from:
- Legion TD
- Blood Tournament
- Pokemon Defense.












Video Tutorials:

How to play:



Night Elves:


Guids (Survival):

Demons When using these tactics, I did not lose a single life (that depends of bosses abilities).

Cobold Taskmaster (no upgrades)
1. 8 Demon Warriors (Set to Flee at 50% HP). 6 Warriors set to charge after 7sec. Lightining to enemy Range Cobold - 3mana.
2. Astral Hound (charge 3 sec) + 2 Demon Warriors (Set to Flee at 50% HP). Lightining to enemy Range Cobold - 3mana.
3. Almost random units and behaviors + Rain of Fire (7mana). 1-3 against all types of Cobold.
4. 6 Archers (Flee at 50% and 7 sec Charge). Lightining to enemy Range Cobold - 3mana. 4 Weak Against Teleport Cobold Without using Landscape and Random Events. Sometimes I can kill him without mana (Volcano, Roots or Goblin Mine can help).

Dark Troll Lord (Upgrade: Haste - lvl 2, Food - 2)
1. Astral Hound, 3 Archers (Flee 50%), 8 Demon Warriors (Set to Flee at 50% HP). All Units set to 7 sec charge. Lightning to enemy Troll Guard - 3mana.
2. 2 Astral Hound(Flee at 50%), Hound, 3 Demon Warriors (Set to Flee at 50% HP). All Units set to 7 sec charge. Rift - 4mana.
3. 4 Hounds, 3 Archers (Flee at 50%), 3 Demon Warriors (Flee at 50%) All Units set to 7 sec charge. Lightning on enemy Troll Guard – 3 mana.
4. 2 Hound, 6 Archers (Flee 50%), 5 Demon Warriors (Set to Flee at 50% HP) – All Units set to 7 sec charge. Two Lightning on two enemy Troll Guards – 6 mana. Troll with Goblin miners – can destroy all this builds. Fire Huntress can help you with it, but you can lost lives before wave 10.

Behemoth (Upgrade: Haste - lvl 5 Melee Armor 1, Melee Attack 1, Food 3)
1. Lord Xavius, Slasher, Astral Hound, 3 Archers (Flee 50%), 8 Demon Warriors (Set to Flee at 50% HP). All Units, except Slasher, set to 7 sec charge. Posses Lord Xavius – 2 mana. (can take 3-5 min)
2. Astral Hound(Flee at 50%), 3 Demon Warriors (Set to Flee at 50% HP). All Units set to 7 sec charge. Rift – 4 mana.
3. 1 Wizard Slayer, 3 Hounds, 3 Astral Huntress, 5 Archers (Flee at 50%, 1 Flank Left, 2 Flank Right), 3 Demon Warriors (Flee at 50%). All Units set to 7 sec charge, except Demon Warriors(3 sec charge). Rift – 4 mana. 1-3 Behemoth with murlocks can kill you.
4. 1 Wizard Slayer, 1 Hound, 8 Archers, (Flee 50%, 2 set to flank left, 4 set to flank right), 2 Fire Huntress (Build at Bottom Left and Bottom Right corners),5 Demon Warriors(Set to Flee at 50% HP) – All Units set to 7 sec charge, except Demon Warriors(3 sec charge). Two Rift – 8 mana. Build Against Murlocks. Usually Demons have no problems with enemies after Behemoth.

Wave 34 (Crawlers)

Best Units for this wave

5 Ancient annihilators

6 Great infernals

11 Pocket annihilators

11 Infernals

2 Demon cannon

8 Archers

Great infernals and Ancient Annihilators set to charge after 3 sec (because of Cravlers "Stomp" ability),
Archers set charge to 7 sec (to cast firebolt).


  1. Unique TD-ish gameplay, combining the low-APM requirement of Tower Defense with the glorious battles of melee Warcraft.
  2. Set your army in a formation to maximise its damage and survivability.
  3. Eleven different races to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Use global-range spells to influence battles, improve your army, or slow down another player's progress.
  5. Powerful bosses, each with special random abilities designed to plow through your tanks and engage all elements of your army.
  6. Randomized creep waves, ensuring that each game is different to the last.
  7. Failing a level doesn't mean it's over for you; you get to fight it again next round. Although this might slow down your progress (and thus army size), you will never find yourself out of the running.
  8. Many options and army styles to choose from, and designed to all be viable. Holy war isn't a game where the winning strategy is to simply spam a powerful unit; every build and every strategy has a counter.
  9. Set custom behaviours on your units; e.g. to have them perform a tactical retreat when near death, or flank your enemy's army.
  10. Multiple game modes: Survival (leak X amount of waves to lose, last player wins), Classic (as described above) and Tournament (you fight against players each round), Overlords (Play survival mode as powerful boss); each of which can be customised with Short/Medium/Long and Allpick/Draft/All-random/Alliance
  11. Over 420+ unique units.
  12. Epic mass duels, and raid boss battle. (Classic and Survival mode)
  13. Two alternate endings and two epic mini games(in survival mode)
  14. Hell mode: -hda (heavydrugabuse).
  15. You can choose from eleven different terrain with various landscape bonuses.
  16. Hell random bots(works at hard difficulty)
  17. Great amount of beautiful models.
  18. Great environmental effects.


Holy War Anniversary 1.32a

  1. Rebalanced some units (Succubus(Demons), Ancient Protector (Azeroth Defenders) and other minor fixes in balance)
  2. Changed AI behaviors for Destruction Lich
  3. Changed old skill for Neltarion (level 30).
  4. Fixed Scorched Village bug and other minor bug fixed
  5. Fixed description for some units.
    [*]Changed Castle Defence Castle Configuration and Sargeras Battle Spawners.
    [*]Restored Loading screen!)
Have Nice Game!

Holy War Anniversary 1.31.1a

[COLOR=rgb(225, 196, 146)

  1. Rebalanced some units (Dimension shifter(Nerubians), Gryphon Rider (Dwarfs), Portal Cannon (Azeroth Defenders), All Bone Temples (Skeletons) and other minor fixes in balance)
  2. Changed AI behaviors for some units.
  3. Added new skill for Neltarion (level 30).
  4. Increased fps (on ~ 10-12 points for late game)
  5. Fixed description for some units.

      • Added new enemies for Scorched Village event.


Holy War Anniversary 1.23a

    • Increased fps (+10-15 for late game)
    • Fixed AI of some units.
    • Other minor bug fixed

Holy War Anniversary and Remastered 1.21b

  1. Fixed Camera Height Bug
  2. Rebuild Devil Archer and Cannon AI
  3. Other minor bug fixed

Holy War Anniversary and Remastered 1.21a

  1. Changed Haunted Village Difficulty
  2. Fixed Arthas Ghouls Attack upgrade
  3. Added Random Enemy Races for Boss Mode
  4. Fixed Baradung Description
  5. Rebalanced some bosses units
  6. Fixed Dark Troll Lord Attack Upgrade in Overlords Ascention
  7. Changed races description for Overlord Ascention
  8. Dark Troll Lord Get Double Kill Money
  9. Lucky Coins Spawn at Battlefield in Overlords Ascention Mode
  10. Rebalanced and Fixed some of Dark Troll Lord Skills
  11. Fixed Koblod Tasknaster Skills

Holy War Anniversary and Remastered 1.1a
  1. Increased Fps for Elven&Defenders of Azeroth terrain
  2. Random terrain replaced with "None Terrain" - without bonuses => even more fps)
  3. Fixed some unit descriptions.

Holy War Anniversary 1.09k and Remastered 1.02d
  1. Changed re-roll time and max number of re-rolls.
  2. Fixed tier III units in Alliances mode.
  3. Fixed battle against Murozond.
Holy War Anniversary Remastered 1.02c
  1. Fixed descriptions for some abilities and units.
  2. Fixed Aliances for battle against Murozond.
  3. Other minor bugs fixed.

Holy War Anniversary Remastered 1.02a
  1. Fixed Sindragosa movement (Fly for now)
  2. Fixed Aliances for battle against Void God and Y'Sharaj (Remastered version Last Bosses)

Holy War Anniversary Remastered 04.01.19
  1. Fixed footies attack and hp.
  2. Added -de/-ee commands(disable/enable Tornado/Infernal/Volcano events).

Holy War Anniversary 1.09e
  1. Fixed Frenzy lich Tentacle(cast on enemies)
  2. Fixed KelTas and Aelin behaviours.
  3. Minor rebalance of undead unit.

Holy War Anniversary 1.09b
  1. Fixed Mal'Furion requirements bug.

Holy War Anniversary 1.09a
  1. Optimized Nerubian and Sceleton lanscape - 60fps.
  2. Added new button Reset Army behaviors.
  3. Fixed -endround bug.
  4. Rebalanced Infernal and Great Infernal(Demons).

Holy War Anniversary 1.08c
  1. Fixed all races wizards selection fatal error.

Holy War Anniversary 1.08b
  1. Fixed NE Druid Fatal Error.

Holy War Anniversary 1.08a
  1. Fixed Terrain selection (random terrain is chosen from terrains that selected by players).
  2. Added -de/-ee commands(disable/enable Tornado/Infernal/Volcano events).
  3. Rebalanced Behemoth "Water Spirits", Stronghold "Nuclear Strike" and Neltarion "Finger of Death" spells.
  4. Decreased cost and stats of some Demon units.
  5. Rebalanced Ysera "Emerlad Dream" ability.
  6. Fixed Medivh, Vol'jin, Jailer and Executioner behaviors.

Holy War Anniversary 1.07a
  1. Multiboard Restored (combined with a timer);
  2. Added new unit Fire Shaman(Beast Builder(Naga)) - ready for locust);
  3. Fixed Dark Slayer (Trolls) damage type;
  4. Fixed Savager(Trolls) name.

Holy War Anniversary 1.06a
  1. The work of triggers is optimized(increased frame rate for late waves and bosses).
Holy War Anniversary 1.05c

  1. Fixed -endround(when player leaves).
  2. Fixed "Set Mercenary" behaviour description.
  3. Fixed -ahm bugs, decreased Nozdormu difficulty.
  4. Balanced Classic mode opponents selection for games with an odd number of players.
  5. Other minor fixes.

Holy War Anniversary

  1. All triggers are stabilized.
  2. Added Environment Event System (Meteor, Tornado, Volcano)
  3. All Overlords got new units: Cobold(Random box, Rat), Dark Troll (Bashi-Bazook, Fel Boar), Behemoth (Ocean Lord(Prince of tides upgrade))
  4. New Creep "Doppelganger"
  5. Added new units Baradung (Dwarf), Spiked Fury (Defenders)
  6. Fixed Portal Cannon Drainei (now has "summoned" classification)
  7. Fixed and balanced Overlodrs mode enemies on all Difficulties(all enemy races)
  8. Rebalanced "Great Infernal" (Demons)
  9. Creeps got additional Attack Speed after 6 minutes of round.

The Last Holy War
  1. Added 2 new units to Night Elf (Lone Druid and Hippogriff)
  2. Added 2 new unit types to Undead (Crushers and Undead Temples)
  3. Added Ancient Annihilator to Demons
  4. All workers now have 30 points of max. mana.
  5. Balanced Overlord Ascension difficulty.
  6. Added new enemy - "King of Souls".

Holy War: Complete Story
  1. Completed the story of Warcraft in Survival mode(Battle with Void God).
  2. Changed some unit models.
  3. Other minor bugs fixed.
Can't upload to epicwar because of file limit(96mb).

RUS and ENG versions
  1. Other minor bugs fixed.

  1. Fixed food usage(for all) and description for Kobold Taskmaster in Boss Mode
  2. Other minor bugs fixed.
  1. Added new hero for Humans - "Exorcist"
  2. Fixed duels in Overlords mode and changed duel period to 4 rounds, also increased starting gold to 600.
  3. Fixed Kobolds "Rearm" upgrade in Overlords Mode.
  4. Fixed bug with dead spectators on duel.
  5. "Portal Cannon" now have Magic attack.
  6. Added auto revolution upgrade in Alliances mode.
  7. Necromancer ''Death Coil" cool-down decreased from 8 sec. to 4 sec.
  8. Vampiric Aura fixed for Behemoth and Death Wing.
  9. Fixed descriptions for some Units and Abilities.
  1. Added new Creep(Deadly Shadow(has Evasion 20%, Small Splash, Converts spells to hp and has 80% of pierce damage reduction))
  2. Added two new units - Ronin (ork), Demonic Veteran (ork)
  3. Death Wing HP capacity increased from 130000 to 140000, blink fixed.
  4. Fixed Multiboard after Team Battle.
  5. Fixed all bugs for "Set as Mercenary" Behaviour, added marks for shared units.
  6. Increased units upgrades max level(now 18 for all abilities).
  7. Broxigar armor increased from 0 to 2.

  1. Fixed -sh Fatal error(I think that finally).
  2. Geyser works only on non boss units now.
  3. Rebalanced "Scorched Village".
  4. Fixed description for some spells.
  5. Other minor fixes.

  1. Fixed Yoggsaron bug.
  2. Changed spells of Jaina and Sylvanas.
  3. Other minor fixes.
  1. Fixed "Corrupt" Ability from Nerubian wizard.
  2. Fixed Antonidos and Medivh behavior.
  3. Fixed Draft mode.
  4. Fixed Scorched Village and Castle De fence mode.

  1. Fixed duel gold bug.

  1. Fixed "Overlords" mode bugs.
  2. Rebalanced "Overlords" mode units and spells, added new unit to Kobolds army.
  3. Added new upgrades in "Overlords" mode.
  1. Fixed "Overlords" mode bugs.
  2. Rebalanced "Overlords" mode units and spells, added new unit to Behemoth army.
  3. Fixed columns information in all game modes.
  4. Fixed annihilation mode balance.
  5. Sargeras got new skills and improvements.
  6. Other minor bug fixed.

  1. Fixed "Overlords" mode bugs
  2. Rebalanced boss army and ability cost.
  1. Fixed "Overlords" mode bugs
  2. Changed race descriptions.
  3. Fixed Scorched village bugs.

  1. Added new game mode: "Overlords".(Fight as hero against all races and other bosses)
  2. Fixed Frost Crossbow Spell Upgrade (Thanks Adam from WC/SC/Strategy YouTube channel)
  3. Fixed some descriptions.
  4. Fixed Scorched village bugs.
  1. Added mini battles (games) for Survival mode (for 4 and 2 players)
  2. Rebalanced and increaced levels of crepps at 26-32 levels
  3. Added Harpy Queen to neutral creeps.
  4. Changed count of sceletons for warrior and archer (with upgrades)
  5. Endless Sculborbs fixed
  6. New formula for reward gold = (count of kills * (level number/100))*((1.5- Income level/ Max income Level)*(2- Current lives/ Max Lives)
  7. Added new units:
  • HE: Kael, Eldin, Hawk Rider, Forest Ruler
  • Orks: Rexar
  • Demons Astarta, Satyr, Felguard
  • Humans: Admiral Proudmoore, Jaina Proudmoore, Jailer
  • Trolls: Edgemaster, Mammoth
  • Dwarfs: Magni, Hemet
  • Naga: Dalissa (beast builder)
If you want to help other players from your country and can translate english text into your native language. We will be happy if you translate Holy War into your native language. (Credits and some other features guaranteed!). All questions you can ask in private message.

  1. Added Razu'Hanab, Architect and Dreadnought (Nerubian).
  2. Changed count of sceletons for warrior and archer (with upgrades)
  3. Increased Sargeras difficulty.
  4. Improved Dark Fog ability for Troll boss.
  5. Minor bug fixed.
  1. Added Nsa'Raj (Nerubian).
  2. Fixed Neltarion teleportation.
  3. Decreased power of Helicopter.
  4. Rebalanced High elf units.
  5. Fixed small bugs.

  1. Improved "set as Mercenary" behavior - now you can add or reset all selected units.
  2. Fixed Kill'jaeden and Khadgar Ai
  3. Fixed small bugs.

  1. Added Yogg Saron as 35 level boss.
  2. Added Mode "All Hail Murozond" - Fight Secret bosses.
  3. Added Sir Dinadan (Human), Shezoth (Naga), Wolfmother (High Elfs), Tricky Beetle (Nerub).
  4. Added new creep: Centaur Khan.
  5. Rebalanced Nerubian Great and Ancient Scarab.
  6. Changed Ancient Scarab spell reflection.
  7. Other balance improvements.
  8. Fixed small bugs.
  9. Increased difficulty for "-heavydrugabuse"


  1. Decreased map size(7.94-7.47)
  2. Added new hero Khadar(Humans).
  3. Nozdormu got new spell.
  4. Fixed portraits for Slayer, Savager and Dark Slayer(Trolls).


  1. Fixed "Set as Mercenary" at Mass Duels.
  2. Fixed Charge 7 s. Now work properly for all units.
  3. On duels units with Charge 7, set to charge 3 automatically(because of idle units killer system)
  4. Changed Sister of Elune (NE) "Resurrection" ability to "Dark Rebirth".
  5. Fixed Geyser (Demons Terrain) - cast cyclone not so often.
  6. Decreased Sargeras ability to make huge holes
  7. Now, dialog box with choice between Holy Crusade and the FFA, appears only for Sargeras killer.
  8. Fixed description for Healing Ward and Boar Rider.


  1. Now you can send your units as reinforcements or enemies to all players.
  2. Rebalanced some units from Azeroth Defenders.
  3. Added new enemy: Drunk Purifier, Water Remnant got small wave spell.
  4. Fixed "share vision" command (-sh x).
  5. Fixed -tm(tactics mode) creeps behaviour.
  6. Increased number of rounds for -em(endless mode) Tournament(55).


  1. Fixed camera and units alliances at Holy War choice.
  2. Rebalanced some units from Azeroth Defenders.
  3. Added Presets for behaviors.
  4. Added "share vision" command (-sh x).
  5. Forest Avatar (Mal'Furion summon) got Taunt.
  6. Stronghold Tanks have chaos damage now.


  1. Fixed Dark Souls behaviors on duel.
  2. Other minor bug fixed.


  1. Final round(Sargeras) available only in Survival.
  2. -endround has vote system now.
  3. Other minor improvements.


  1. Fixed Succubus and Neltarion bugs.


  1. Some minor bug fixed.


  1. Added 2 new units: Dark Shaman (Naga) and Murderer (High Elf).
  2. Changed attack damage and attack type of Fire Elemental (Defenders).
  3. Changed some visuals.


  1. Rebalanced some units(from Nagas, Orks and Azeroth Defenders).
  2. Decreased difficulty of 22 and 23 levels.
  3. Increased difficulty of Neltarion.


  1. Changed descriptions of some spells.
  2. Fixed Survival "Continue Holy War" round.
  3. Fixed Pirate Queen "Hypnosis" spell.


  1. Sargeras got another new skill.
  2. Improved Sargeras and Neltarion AI.
  3. Fixed Antonidas "Spirit Touch".
  4. Changed some effects and added music theme to final battle.
  5. Added "Order to Attack" ability to possessed units(now your can).
  6. Added some Heroes history to Quest Log.


  1. Sargeras got one new skill.
  2. Other minor bug fixed.


  1. All Races got one new unit(NE got two).
  2. Rebalanced some damage and defense type.
  3. And many other features...
  4. Other minor bug fixed.


  1. Many units rebalanced and fixed some descriptions.
  2. Other minor bug fixed.


  1. Fixed Holy War ending.
  2. Archimond, Mannoroth and Tichondrius got some new spells.
  3. Added Creep Tactical Mode(-tm): creeps using behaviours more often.
  4. Fixed Survival bonus gold(calculated on the number of killed enemies and income level).
  5. Fixed duel map rotation.
  6. Decreased time of Charge(Behaviours): 5 sec. to 3 sec. and 10 sec. to 7 sec.
  7. Decreased time of Tornadoes from devils landscape and Sage(Dwarf).
  8. Fixed Ysera AI(changed Healing herbs spell).
  9. Other minor bug fixed.


  1. Fixed Lightning spell(Spellbook).
  2. Now the camera can be raised even higher (3200(Zoom button))
  3. Added "shout for help" spell to possessed units(Now you can!)):
    Allies (1300 AoE) and enemies (450 AoE) will rush to aid you.
  4. New Survival bonus gold system that gives you two strategy(improve income or just have a good fight).
  5. Other minor bug fixed.


  1. Fixed units with transformation.
  2. Fixed Xavius "Satyr Lord" ability(only at battlefield).
  3. Fixed spell descriptions.
  4. Fixed some landscape objects.


  1. Fixed Tournament bug(inverse unit spawn).
  2. Added Tournament endless mode(-em)(greatly increase number of rounds).
  3. Fixed some effects of abilities.


  1. Fixed duel bug(when someone left the game at duel round).


  1. Fixed small bug.
  2. Rebalanced some units:
    • Increased Fire Huntress(Demon) price (from 145 to 160).
    • Increased Astral Huntress (Demon) price (from 160 to 170).
    • Sister of Elune (Night Elf) cast Moon Phoenix more often, changed price from 380 to 420.


  1. Fixed duels bug(if one player sell all units).
  2. Added new unit (Fire Huntress(Demon))
  3. Rebalanced some units:
    • Increased Kil'Jaeden price (from 1280 to 1680) and attack splash radius, also for now summoned Felguards has Melee Armor Upgrade.
    • Added Almost Magic Immune to Astral Huntress (Demon).
    • Changed armour type of Annihilator (Demon) from Normal to Heavy.


  1. Fixed some bugs and text descriptions.
  2. Improved -Heavydrugabuse mode and omfg mode.
Use behaviours of units("B" button).


  1. Fixed small bugs.
  2. Increased Classic points and Survival lives(6-12-18)


  1. Rebalanced some units:
    • Increased IQ of devil archers and Cannons(cast fireball more often).
    • Changed Great Infernal attack (from 360 to 380).
    • Increased Demon Soldier Evasion(from 10% to 20%).
      Just use spellbook when you play as Demons)


  1. Added 2 new units: Anchoress and Forest Queen to Night elfs.
  2. Added upgrade to Royal Guard (Dwarf).
  3. Fixed small bugs.
  4. Changed size of some units.
  5. Rebalanced some units:
    • Changed Dwarf King attack type from Normal to Hero, and attack speed from 2.5 to 3 sec, also increased price of unit (from 630 to 980).
    • Changed Drauruk Lord (Nerubian) attack type from Magic to Chaos.
    • Changed Shesan (Naga) attack type from Hero to Chaos (Increased price from 460 to 600).
    • Changed Champion Guard (Naga) attack type from Normal to Hero (Increased price from 350 to 480).
    • Changed Shesan attack type from Hero to Chaos (Increased price from 460 to 600).
    • Changed Great Inquisitor (Human) attack type from Magic to Chaos (Increased price from 480 to 630).


  1. Fixed and upgraded alternate endings(in survival mode).
  2. Fixed small bugs.
  3. Rebalanced some units:
    • Increased Madevil(Demons)) attack from 30 to 42.
    • Increased Devil Huntress attack upgrade from 4 to 5.
    • Fixed Devil Archer range(now has range upgrade)


  1. Fixed small bugs.
  2. Fixed some text mistakes)
  3. Rebalanced some terrain bonuses.


  1. Fixed Classic mode bugs.
  2. Mass duels works with 4-6 players.
  3. Rebalanced some demons solders.
  4. Beast Blade works only on enemy elfs.
  5. Other minor improvements.


  1. Some bugs fixed.
  2. Rebalanced Crab spawn and Tentacle.


  1. Minor bugs fixed.
  2. Changed Great Inquisitor Mana Burn ability.


  1. Fixed some bugs
  2. Changed neutral-enemy units(thematic spawns).
  3. Added Race Abilities to all Builders(in Survival mode).
  4. Improved bots AI.
  5. Now all players vote for landscape.
  6. Changed Broxigar model.


  1. Fixed 33, 34 levels.
  2. Fixed size for some units.
  3. Fixed Sargeras battle idle units.


  1. Fixed some landscapes.
  2. Added Single Player unlimited timer.
  3. Fixed some effects of abilities and unit size.


  1. Deleted lava and poison damage(becouse of great fps problems).
  2. Fixed lag when unit attacks terrain.


  1. Decreased difficulty of Goblin Spawn Skill (level 10), Tank Factory and Nuke Strike (level 25)
  2. Added new terrain description
  3. Added new effects to some abilities and terrain bonuses


  1. Fixed small bugs
  2. Added new terrain(Troll Swamp)
  3. Added new effects to some abilities and terrain bonuses


  1. Fixed small bugs
  2. Add some visual effects
  3. Added 1 new ability to Broodmother(Level 20)


  1. Fixed upgrade bug


  1. Fixed Restless Skeleton(now:eek:ne unit - one skeleton)
  2. Added 2 new abilities to Stronghold(Level 25)
  3. Added new effects to some abilities
  4. Fixed some small bugs


  1. Fixed Terrain errors.


  1. Randomized and fixed bots.
  2. Fixed Tournament terrain spawn.
  3. Fixed remove system
  4. Fixed some unit movement animation.
  5. Fixed murloc at random builder.
  6. Increased Kil'jaeden prise (1280 instead 980)


  1. Fixed bugs.
  2. Fixed terrain.
  3. Added all landscape bonuses.
  4. Fixed some unit movement animation.


  1. Fixed small bugs
  2. Fixed Fatal Error Bug in single player mode
  3. Added some landscape bonuses


  1. Fixed behaviours
  2. Added Random Terrain


Picture for map preview: The Destroyer of Worlds by krysdecker

Dwarven Warrior by Frankster
Dwarf Archmage by Sellenisko
Human Crossbowman by Kitabatake
Orc Spearman by Frankster
Fortress by Archianbedlam
Skeleton Brute by -Grendel
Elven Warrior by GreyArchon
Nerubian Guard by Callahan
Troll Warrior by Lord_T
Archmaiden By Elenai
RoyalDwarf By Radagast
SkulborbByZerox By Zerox
WoW Kil'jaeden by takakenji
Aisha Blood Moon by НИК
Troll Slayer by levigeorge1617
Overfiend by -Grendel
Blood Elf Mage Female by Ossus
TaurenMidget by Sin'dorei300
Grid, Flank, Flee icons by Captain_Rufar
Troll Warrior by Lord_T
Deathwing by Kwaliti
Bloodelf Cavalry - Blade Rider By Frankster
Giant Spider by DampirTBs
Sargeras By Just_Spectating
BloodElfWalkyrie by Uncle Fester
Bloodelven Archer Maiden by Frankster
Элитный Мечник Мстителей by Solder
Hero Dwarven Rider by Tranquil
Viking Dwarf by Alastor
GodsPaladin by Jiker
MalygosTheSpellweaver, Ysera, Alexstrazsa by Sellenisko
Lich King by l0w_kwaliti
Mr Scary by Misha
Yogg Saron by inico

Encourage by PrMosquito
OrbOfFire By UgoUgo
flammer by RightField
Meta Marks by Daelin
SlowTarget by JetFangInferno
Buffs by JetFangInferno
Caster effects by JetFangInferno
DarknessMeteor By nGy
Dark Orb By Vortigon

Dwarven Warrior by Frankster
Elven Warrior by GreyArchon
Ready tick by inhuman89
Nemezida by Hexus

The Ghost Opera

Special tnx to rulerofiron99 for great idea of this map and eXtreme Game Modmaking for great tutorials and models. XGM

Also, thanks a lot to HunterOrdo, Oromish, amr salah, Farentir, nmphuong91, krych4,
micca, SlumberTurtle, HauntedPleb, polo2005,TDSrock, Kronkon and 2kxaoc for their great contribution in testing.

You know programming languages, make great models or want to see Holy War as standalone game with many new features? We look forward to working with you! All questions you can ask in private message.

Warcraft, Sargeras, Ancient, History, Random, Manager, Tactical, Epic, Great, Legion, TD, Blood, Tournament, Blood Tournament, battle, td, tower, defense, war, tactics.[/color]

Holy War: Anniversary 1.32a (Map)

08:55, 13th Sep 2015 Shadow Fury: Tested the map and I agree with Ardenian therefore I'll approve the map with a rating of 3/5 based on his review.
  1. iXeddin


    Jul 14, 2015
    Thanks for the question. It's ok. Demons planned as race for experienced players and all who wants to play small amount of unique units. At this saturday, I also want to add some landscape bonuses, that reveal new tactics for demons and other races.
  2. Uklabokalala


    Oct 2, 2014
    Sounds cool, I'll look forward to it!
  3. Madwolf98


    Sep 16, 2015
    I love the first bit of this map. However every time I play it no matter which computer I play it on, 1 player survival mode always crashes and says memory could not be read. I would really love to figure out the problem so that I can finnish this map.
  4. iXeddin


    Jul 14, 2015
    By popular demand made update that fixing Fatal Error in single player mode, but all landscape features comes on saturday. Have a good game)
  5. HunterOrdo


    Jan 18, 2015
    This game was a lot of fun. Played it online with various other people, and I love the races.

    But, there are some things I had minor issues with:

    Tyrande changes from ranged to melee after a bit during a battle. I assume this is intentional, but when the switch is made, she loses her command aura which is a massive pain as that 30% is a massive boost. I don't know if this is intentional or not, but it really lessens her ability later in the game.

    For the Orcs, Broxigar's upgrade is ridiculously expensive for what little it really does. When I first saw that upgrade, I assumed when I got it he was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread since he cost an arm and a leg, and I was massively disappointed. His abilities are lackluster, while the cleave is nice, the damage boost when he is low life isn't helpful since, with his divine armor, by the time he gets that damage boost, he is surrounded and gets annihilated in short order.

    The trolls are... yeah. Slayers would be very useful, but the problem is that their armor doesn't upgrade which makes them really lag behind in the later game. I understand that the intent is probably to build more mammoth riders since those things are extremely tanky, but the dps of the slayers is very missed since they end up getting slaughtered early with their paltry 3 normal armor (IIRC).

    Just some things I noticed, enjoy the game very much, and I look forward to what new terrain, tactics, units and races you bring to the table in future releases.

    EDIT: Before I forget, I love the random boss skills setting. Each time you are never quite sure which boss you get. It is a beautiful system and gives the game a ton of depth it would lack otherwise. Although the bomb-laying troll is, well, a bit trollish. But I assume that was the point.

    EDIT 2: Sorry for the numerous edits, I recalled a major bug I found while playing online. We had a full house, and yellow player picked the... Azeroth Guardians... the ones with the dragonborn? Anyways, when he started the game, he started with over 3k points of units, and more units kept spawning for him. We ended up rmking the game and simply closing yellow slot for the rest of the night and we never encountered the problem again.

    EDIT 3: Found something that needs to be fixed to balance out the Guardian army. Their portal cannon summons the little healer draenei, right? Well, you can fire the portal cannon inside your building area which summons one there... the problem with this is that the draenei has a brilliance aura which allows your builder to constantly build up mana extremely fast.

    So. Portal Cannon makes the Draenei. Draenei gives your worker mana. Your worker uses the infinite mana to mass spam income thus allowing him to max out his upgrades and units.

    I had max upgrades, full area packed with guys because of this. I don't know if you should just remove the aura or make the portal cannon summon something else, but as it stands now, that faction breaks the game if someone can figure out to use the portal cannon to summon the brilliance aura inside their base.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2015
  6. iXeddin


    Jul 14, 2015
    HunterOrdo, thanks a lot for such detailed description of map. I will fix all bug that you found. Also I want to say that Broxigar very useful unit when you fight with boss or other hero units(especially in the final battle), but as in real world it can't win fight against numerous enemies. Thanks once again!)
  7. HunterOrdo


    Jan 18, 2015
    Not quite sure if you have fixed these bugs yet or not, last version I played was 1.42, will try the new version tonight but:

    First Bug: We had four people trying out tournament mode, on the 2v2 round, it gave both victories to red instead of giving one victory to each player that won. (So, red and teal fought against blue and orange. Red and teal won, and it gave red two wins while giving teal zero.)

    Second Bug: We turned on bots to try them but teal and purple didn't show up, they were still counted as 'in the game' but they weren't in the rounds, never lost lives, etc. Yellow and Orange were given 3k points and 2k points respectively, but they never built anything and were just kinda there... Not sure if that was on purpose or not.

    That is it for now. Love the map, keep up the good work, good sir.

    EDIT: Ah, forgot:

    Third Bug: In said tournament mode, teal ended up leaving. The game counted teal as still 'in the game', so every round he was still put in the tournament thus giving whoever fought him a clear win since his army quickly became outdated. The tournament mode because less skill and more the luck of the draw on who fought teal.
  8. iXeddin


    Jul 14, 2015
    Thank you! Fix it in 1.45a.
    It's work properly, because if we remove that player from the game, we get odd player in remaining players, that don't get some points because of established number of rounds.
    Waiting you next bug report)
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2015
  9. WhiteFang


    Jul 6, 2014
    I have noticed that pieces of the demonic terrain still has regular dirt and grass.Was this intentional or did you miss it by accident?
  10. Eat_Bacon_Daily


    Jan 4, 2014
    Played this with a buncha friends, we had a blast! Unfortunatly there were a couple of bugs, like be stuck in a round forever. I'll def keep playing this game with friends though. This is a vast improvement on the original game.
  11. iXeddin


    Jul 14, 2015
    Thank for that, I don't have enough time to check it. Fixed in 1.45b)

    Thanks for the nice words!) Can you clarify when start errors with the timer?
  12. HunterOrdo


    Jan 18, 2015
    So, this new terrain seems to give everyone the terrain of whatever red player picks. Do not know if that is intentional or not. If red was humans, the terrain for everyone had alliance flags that added armor and weapon caches that added damage. If red was the Garudians of Azeroth you had healing trees and mana regen places for everyone (no matter what race they picked), and if red was Undead everyone had the undead terrain (the aura boost from the special trees, the cold wind, and the skeleton spawner).

    Minor Issues with the Undead Terrain:

    Okay, so myself (playing Teal) and purple had issues with the skeletons for different reasons. For me, it was near the middle of the map but just within the NPC's side, so the NPC kept spawning skeletons like crazy, and it was half an hour before I made it past the Kobold Boss. That said, later in the game it turned into a blessing because it skyrocketed me to high gold due to playing Orcs and so having a tone of AoE.

    For purple, it was the opposite. The skeletons were in the center but closer to him, so he kept spamming skeletons like crazy and walked through the waves.

    The skeleton spawner is a bit.. unbalanced as it is. Interesting idea, and I like it, but I feel it needs some fine tuning.

    On this undead terrain, Destruction Liches have a bug. When a skeleton spawns, for them or the enemy, they end up wasting their spell blasting the grave. Yeah, just blasting the grave which is a massive waste of their damage potential and really hinders the undead player.

    Also, as always, Brox is weak and needs to be buffed if he is going to cost 2k. At least give the guy divine armor, or a crit strike, or another beserk to increase his attack rate, something to make his outrageous cost worth it.
  13. iXeddin


    Jul 14, 2015
    Thanks a lot for another review)

    Yeah, in new version only red player select terrain for everyone, also all terrain bonuses described in terrain tab(18 in all).
    In 1.47 fixed skeleton spawner, I think now it fine.
    Keep up the good work!)

    P.S. After all Brox got berserk buff.
  14. Deathkok


    Sep 27, 2010
    Nice Screenshots I will play ;) nice effects.
  15. KissOfAries


    Sep 15, 2010
    this map is really nice, but i think your map have leak problems (it's lagged after I and my friends have played for 30 mins).

    bug: some shockwave-based skills didn't use properly against single target.

    p/s: 6 players survival mode.
  16. iXeddin


    Jul 14, 2015
    Thanks for reply about leak and bug!)

    About leak, I think that it just because of huge army. Many units have custom abilities and it cause some fps problems.
    If you want help, just tell me all races of that game(if you remember), and use /fps command, if screen without units show you less then 54-60 fps - this is leak.

    Have a good game!)
  17. HunterOrdo


    Jan 18, 2015
    Minor issues with the new abilities added to the Castle Boss, they need a bit of fine tuning. Said Castle Boss was already challenging thanks to its huge range, large AoE and high damage, and while I like the variety most bosses have, this one seems a tad bit unbalanced.

    The Tank Spawner: Needs some kind of time limit in-between summons. If it just summoned a group now and then, it wouldn't be an issue, but to have it continually popping them out like the Demon's Satyr is extremely frustrating.

    For reference, I am not saying you should make it easy, challenge is good, but this isn't challenging so much as just too much.

    The Nuke Launcher: This one has a ton of issues. It fires nukes far too quickly. It launches 6-8 of them at your army and utterly annihilates all but your ultimate units (the ones with divine/hero armor) before they even get to the castle. It rapid fires them like some kind of machinegun. If it fired a nuke, or one every now and then, it would be fine, but rapid firing like that? Defeats the entire purpose of having an army.

    When we played, we didn't even bother trying to beat those two 'special' ones, we just waited til the old one popped up and beat that one. So, I like the idea behind them, but they need some fine tuning.
  18. nmphuong91


    Mar 23, 2011
    On that matter, I found the Troll Boss's Goblin Bomb Spawn is also an "you lost, blame your luck" too. They go invisible quickly (and most races don't have access to magical sight by that level), they don't attack so your army ignore them most of the time, deal about 400 AoE damage and spawn every 3s.
  19. iXeddin


    Jul 14, 2015
    Revised and tuned in 1.49a, looking forward to next report!)

    Fixed this one in 1.49a, enjoy the game!)
  20. HunterOrdo


    Jan 18, 2015
    They are easier to deal with if you buy whatever siege engine that race has. The engine shoots the troll, and the AOE causes the bomber troll to run away, and once it runs away, it doesn't really come back. Not perfect, but it is the way I have beaten the Troll when it was the bomber variant.