High Elven Shipyard

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Hi guys! Back in 2019 when the Reforged Beta first came out, one of the first models I made was to create a High Elf Shipyard on request for the user @Nagax . At the time he said it was OK for me to post the High Elven Shipyard to the Hive, but I think back then the site was having problems with HD models or something and then I totally forgot since then to ever upload it.

Recently two different people have asked me for this model so I'm going to go ahead and post it. I know we have a lot of cool artists making Reforged assets these days so unlike 2019 this model is probably pretty standard and a lot like the kinds of things people are making a lot of today. So in that way, maybe it's nothing new. But if you're interested how it was made, here are the links to the 2019 video recordings of me making it:

Happy modding!

High Elven Shipyard (Model)