HerrDave's WW Additional Units

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Based on HerrDave's models.

Update: mortars have new gun, sappers have new additional animations

Subfaction solders:

Scottish Blackwatch highlanders has arrived!
Brazilian Smoking Snakes hav arrived!

American infantry:
- Tank Crew
- Sapper (updated)
- Medic
- Flamethrower
- Mortar (updated)

(American subfaction) Brazilian infantry: (new)
- Rifleman
- Officer
- Shotgun

English infantry:
- Sapper (updated)
- Mortar (updated)
- Tank Crew
- Flamethrower

(English subfaction) Scottish infantry: (new)
- Rifleman
- Shotgun
- AT-Rifle

German infantry:
- Pionere (updated)
- Mortar (updated)
- Tank Crew
- Flamethrower

German vehicle:
- Hanomag Sd.Kfz 251

Soviet infantry:
- Shocktrooper
- Sapper (updated)
- AT-Rifle
- Flamethrower (updated)
- Medic
- Partisan
- Tank Crew
- Mortar (updated)

Soviet vehicle:
- M3 Halftruck
- KV-1 Heavy tank
- M5 AA Halftruck
- M72 Motorcycle

Other coming soon. Maybe...

American Crew (Model)

American Flamethrower (Model)

American Medic (Model)

American Mortar (Model)

American Sapper (Model)

Blackwatch AT-Rifle (Model)

Blackwatch AT-Rifle (Icon)

Blackwatch LMG (Model)

Blackwatch LMG (Icon)

Blackwatch Rifleman (Model)

Blackwatch Rifleman (Icon)

Blackwatch Shotgun (Model)

Blackwatch Shotgun (Icon)

Blackwatch SMG (Model)

Blackwatch SMG (Icon)

Brazilian Officer (Icon)

Brazilian Officer (Model)

Brazilian Rifleman (Icon)

Brazilian Rifleman (Model)

Brazilian Shotgun (Model)

Brazilian Shotgun (Icon)

Brazilian SMG (Icon)

Brazilian SMG (Model)

English Crew (Model)

English Flamethrower (Model)

English Mortar (Model)

English Sapper (Model)

German Crew (Model)

German Flamethrower (Model)

German Hanomag Sd.Kfz. 251 (Model)

German Mortar (Model)

German Pionere (Model)

Partisan AT-Rocket (Model)

Partisan HMG (Model)

Partisan Rifleman (Model)

Partisan Sniper (Model)

Soviet Crew (Model)

Soviet M3 Halftruck (Model)

Soviet M5 AA Halftruck (Model)

Soviet M72 Motorcycle (Model)

Soviet Medic (Model)

Soviet Mortar (Model)

Soviet Shocktrooper (Model)

Soviet AT Rifleman (Model)

Soviet Sapper (Model)

Soviet Flamethrower (Model)

KV-1 Heavy Tank (Model)

General Frank
There are still minor issues with the models. Please go through all models carefully and fix the issues.
Level 8
Jul 9, 2017
It's really really cool quality model. I always wanted Steel Bib version of Soviet Soldier.
I am learning to model too some. My 'prototypes' aren't ready to be publicised yet though :)



Model Reviewer
Level 21
May 8, 2012
Nice pack, but here's a couple thoughts:
  • The truck's portrait is kinda off
  • Medic has no death sound
  • Some of the infantry units doesn't have their Lights shown properly during attack animation. This is because the Light nodes are on Z=0, making it disappear beneath the flat ground.
  • T-70's default size is abnormally smaller than the other vehicles in the pack (although this problem is negligible)
Level 4
Oct 2, 2015
ooh nice, finally an AT rifleman, i have been looking for one for a long time.
can you make a ww1/interwar british version of it?

General Frank

Model Moderator
Level 77
Nov 19, 2005
There are still unused tracks/key frames in some models (you need to sanity check all models carefully) and also some model have extremely buggy geoset animation properties (like this one: Sanity Test , a geoset should only be referenced by one geoset animation, else it is prone to sever bugs)
Please go through all models carefully one by one.
Level 3
Dec 13, 2020
Could you please add american,german and english soldiers with a sword. Same herrdave models, just with swords