Russian Infantry Units

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'Является ли перевод google хорошим?'

This unit uses an omni-skin, meaning you only have to import the skin once for every unit in the Russian pack to work.

A shitload of Russians!
- Russian Rifleman
- Imperial Rifleman
- Soviet Rifleman
- Soviet Conscript
- Soviet Flagbearer
- Cossack Rifleman
- Soviet Rebel
- Soviet SMG
- Imperial SMG
- Town Watch

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- Fixed butt clipping
- Updated texture
- Added WWII Variant
- Added Conscript Variant
- Updated Texture
- Actually includes SMG infantry now

Cossack Rifleman (Model)

Russian Rifleman (Model)

Soviet Conscript (Model)

Soviet Flagbearer (Model)

Soviet Rebel (Model)

Soviet Rifleman (Model)

Soviet SMG (Model)

Tzarist Rifleman (Model)

Tzarist SMG (Model)

Watchman (Model)

General Frank
Works in-game, performs appropriately and is a good addition to the model section. Good job!
Level 5
Jul 13, 2016
Question about the short wooly one - was it used by higher ranked or lower ranked soldiers?
Some Infanry officers, irregulars and cavalry mans of all ranks (mostly cossaks), as I can remember.

The hat style was used before the Soviets took over, they stuck the star on

Much like the Gestapo helmets are actually just olde European police helmets with spooky insignia

If you about budenovka - it's wrong.
It was NEVER used by Russian Empire army, and White Guard.
Yes, there is some kind of myth, that design of this hat was created before October Revolution and the new uniform lay in warehouses (still never used) until bolscheviks was remade it for their army.
There is no documentary evidence in this version - only some eyewitness accounts.

But, actually it was made only in may 1918 for contest of new Red Army uniform and this is confirmed by a number of Soviet documents of that period.

I apologize if it came out kinda wimp or something like that, but it became a habit since too much controversy about such things in my country cannot pass without a trace.
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Level 1
Oct 21, 2018
Greate job! Epic models!

Who will be the next? My possible ideas:

- imperial watchman chimney sweep SMG/HMG/sniper
- cossack watchman chimney sweep SMG/HMG/sniper

- rebel watchman chimney sweep SMG/HMG/sniper
- imperial cossack watchman chimney sweep SMG/HMG/sniper
- rebel cossack watchman chimney sweep SMG/HMG/sniper

- soviet imperial cossack watchman chimney sweep SMG/HMG/sniper

So, Imperial soviet cossack varient:

Level 9
Oct 28, 2012
Omg this dude is on fire. Lol! I just love the variety of models that you made for the Russians! <3 The new ones are also sick. Can't wait for other nations to join the rumble!

Since Mekhal just threw his wishes on you.. Can I get my Czechoslovak troops? You know, so that I can surrender to Germans before the game starts? :D Fawkin appeasement politics, I am telling you!

Anyways you got + rep for this. This is real quality content :)
Level 1
Oct 21, 2018
Hey, U can see these Czechoslovak guys 1938 equiped like their easten soviet brothers...

U may beg HerrDave to make soviets without "red stars" for playing them as czech.

Besides, "watchman" seems like a typical easten Europe citizen.