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Level 40
Jan 7, 2005
Guys post heroes and abilities here! Please make abitlies like this:

name of the custom ability (Endurance Aura; for example)

level 1/2/3

Thx. Heres a guide.

Name: Human Captain
Proper Name: Captain
Strength [PRIMARY ATTRIBUTE]: 21 + 2.5 each level
Agility: 16 + 1.25 each level
Intelligence: 15 + 1.7 each level
Attack Type: Normal
Armor Type: Hero
Voice: Captain
Model/Skin: Captain, Swordsman
Race: Human
Start Ability: Defend

Wacry (Battle Roar)
The Captain goes into a warcry, increasing the damage by 10/20/30 and armor by 1/2/3 of nearby units. Has a 600/650/700 Area of Effect, 6/9/12 second cooldown and lasts 5/10/15 seconds.

Commander Skills (Drunken Brawler)
The Captain uses his commander skills in combat, giving him 5/10/15% chance to avoid an attack and 3/6/10% chance to deal 1.5/2.25/3 times normal damage on an attack.

Battle Aura (Endurance Aura)
Increases the movement speed by 5/10/15% and attack rate by 10/20/30% of nearby friendly units.

Elite Captain (Engineering Upgrades) [ULTIMATE]
The Captain becomes an Elite Captain, increasing his move speed by 5%, damage by 5 and improves the "Commander's Skills" ability;
The Captain uses his commander skills in combat, giving him 6/12/18% chance to avoid an attack and 4/8/12% chance to deal 1.5/2.5/3.5 times normal damage on an attack.

Actually this was my first hero for this Hero Suggestions. If the spell(s) you made have any triggers, please post them too;

Name of Skill (Was made of)

Triggers are: ......

Thx :)



Level 40
Jan 7, 2005
Yes i need for a map. There are many people here in www.wc3sear.ch, so i decided to make this demi-contest. Please people give em some nice ideas. I would really appreciate. :)

Teppana said:
Name: Leon The Leafbeard
Proper Name: Ent
Start Ability: Camoflage (Hide)
Strength : 15 + 1.5 each level.
Agility: 20 + 1.0 each level
Intelligence: [PRIMARY ATTRIBUTE] 25 + 2.0 each level
Voice: One headed ogre (I'm not sure if thats correct)
Attack Type: Normal
Model/Skin: Ancient of Lore (note: just make it size of a normal unit)

Entangling roots
Description: you probably all know this

Leaf Swirl (Death coil)
Furious Ent Let's loose several sharp edged leaves
to cut down his foes. Regenerates other Tree like creatures even enemy trees.

Miserable mislead
all nerby enemy units will attack to indicated unit,
target must be at same side with caster.

Mass Entangling roots [ULTIMATE]
All NEARBY units will be entangled

Eusira said:
Here's some generic ideas

Fliar Enchanter
Buff-spellcaster (support/hero killer)

Tikiri Slayer
Agile Hero Killer

Morpheon Illusionist
Spellcaster (disorientation)

Anarci Titan

Jarusi Banshee
Agile stalker (mainly focused on invisibiltiy, possession, and paralysis)

Elder Conjurer
Spellcaster (versatile)

Tundra Behemoth
Tanker, which has spells related to ice such as slowing and if you can trigger it, freezing the land around him (ice trail)

Guardian of Aether
Warrior with versatile spells that regard etherality and illusions

Bihiki Swordsman
Offensive Warrior (not strengthwise; blademaster kind of, minus assassination)



Level 40
Jan 7, 2005
Name: Ancient Mage
Proper Name: Medivh
Strength: 14 + 1.75 each level
Agility: 18 + 1.5 each level
Intelligence [PRIMMARY ATTRIBUTE]: 24 + 3 each level
Attack Type: Magic
Armor Type: Hero
Voice: Druid of the Talon
Model/Skin: Medivh
Race: Unknow
Start Ability: Ban (Banish)

Teleport (Blink)
Medivh can teleport himself to a great distance, allowing him to move faster. 1000/2000/3000 Maximum Distance and 200/150/100 Minimum Distance. Has a 4/3/2 second cooldown.

Call Lightning (Forked Lightning)
Medivh calls forth lightning rays to damage his enemies. Deals 80/175/280 damage to 3/5/7 enemies. Has a 8/10/12 second cooldown.

Medivh's Knowledge (Attribute Bonus)
Medivh is an ancient mage, he has many knowledge. This increases his Intelligence by 5/10/15.

Ancient Spirits (Stampede) [ULTIMATE]
Medivh calls the ancient spirits to banish his enemies from this world. 4 Spirits for second, each of them deals 50 damage. This has a 175 second cooldown.

I know this hero looks a bit imba but it was supposed to be powerful so... i did him like this :lol:
Level 4
Apr 21, 2005
Name: Skeleton master
Proper Name: landazar
Strength : 13 + 1.2 each level
Agility: 16 + 1.25 each level
Intelligence [PRIMARY ATTRIBUTE]: 21 + 3.5 each level
Attack Type: Piercing
Armor Type: Hero
Voice: Lich
Model/Skin: Kel'Thuzad
Race: Undead
Start Ability: Unholy Aura

Skeletal Mastery (Book of the Dead)
The Skeleton master summons 1/2/3 Skeleton Warriors and 1/2/3 Skeleton Archers

Aura of Blight
The Skeleton master's power creates a feild of BLight wherever he goes. small/medium/large radius
(Endurance Aura)
Increases the movement speed by 5/10/15% and attack rate by 10/20/30% of nearby friendly units.

Raise Dead
Raises 2/3/4 skeletons from a corpse

Skeletal Swarm (ultimate)

The Skletons master calls upon the spirits of an earlier era of dead warriors, bringing them to the surface slowly summons Skeleton Warriors, Archers, and Mages.

P.S i can make lots of cool abilities i offer my services to you



Level 40
Jan 7, 2005
:eek: Very cool. I never knew that someone would dig up this topic again. Btw I can't understand that Battle Roar thingy that summons skeletons. It could just be a "summon water elemental" or "dark portal" spell.

Level 8
Nov 4, 2006
Name: Chaos Inferno
Proper Name: Infernal Paine
Strength [PRIMARY ATTRIBUTE]: 22 + 2.75 each lvl
Agility: 15 + 1.75 each lvl
Intelligence: 15 + 2.00 each lvl
Attack Type: Siege
Armor Type: Fortification
Voice: Infernal
Model, Skin: Infernal
Race: Demon
Start Ability: Permenant Immolaton, Spell Immunity

Infernal Strike(shadow strike)
The infernal fires a piece of himself to a target and burns it for 5/15/20 seconds, cooldown 12/6/3.

The Infernal smashes the ground, causing 75/125/200 damage to nearby units and makes hit units slowed for 4/6/8 seconds.

Chaos Blow(critical strike)
The infernal has a 10/20/30 percent chance to deal 2/3/5x the normal damage.

Chaos from Above(either flame strike or the missile spell)[ULTIMATE]
Chaos Rocks fall from the sky, dealing 400 damage each in a 50 ft radius.

No triggering for the abilities. Well what do you think?

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Deleted member 126647

Level 8
Jul 16, 2004
Name: Gravity Bender
Proper name: Stephen Hawking (Joking of course)
Strength: 18 + 1.75 each level
Agility: 14 + 1.25 each level
Intelligence [PRIMARY ATTRIBUTE]: 22 + 3.4 each level
Attack Type: Magic
Armor Type: Small
Voice: Acolyte
Model/Skin: Acolyte
Movement Type: Hover (Special effect Possession <Target> Attached to Origin)
Race: Undead
Start Ability: None

Meteorite: (Summon Infernal ~ No summon, just damage)
Pulls a meteor from outer space, driving it into the grounds, stunning and dealing 70/115/160 damage to enemy units.

Inertia Bonds: (Slow, Autocast)
Greatly increases target enemy unit's resistance to movement; slowing its attack rate by 17/24/31% and movement speed by 23/31/39% .Lasts 20/40/60 seconds.

Crash: (Impale)
Propels a line of enemy units high into the air, dealing 75/110/145 damage and stunning them for 2/3/4 seconds when they crash back into the ground.

Black Hole: (Requires triggers) [ULTIMATE]
Spawns a black hole, tearing apart buildings and slowly drawing units towards its center, dealing 20 damage per second, and more damage the closer the unit is towards its origin. If a unit is pulled into the center of the black hole, it is erased from the universe, if that unit is a hero it takes 100 damage per second. Lasts 20 seconds.

The blackhole isn't my idea in regards to its function, its from a spell made by The_Raven and can probably be found in the resources section of the hive or war3sear.ch

Here's an interesting one i made a while ago.
Name: Sludge Monster
Proper Name: Leutienant Constipation
Strength [PRIMARY ATTRIBUTE]: 21 + 2.75 per level
Agility: 11 + 1.50 per level
Intelligence: 15 + 1.50 per level
Attack Type: Chaos
Armor Type: Unarmored
Voice: SludgeMonster
Model/Skin: Sludge Flinger
Start Ability: None

Spew Sewage: (Cluster Rockets)
Soaks an area with sewer waste, dealing up to 55/90/125 damage to nearby enemy land units and poisoning them as well.

E. Coli: (Incinerates)
Each attack made infects the target with E. Coli dealing 3/6/9 damage on the first attack, twice as much on the second attack, and three times as much on the third attack. If the target dies while it is infected with E. Coli, it defecates itself, dealing 28/43/58 to nearby units.

Liquid Form: (Thorns Aura)
Each attack made against the sludge monster splashes sewage at the attacker, dealing 10/20/30% of the attackers damage back at them.

Septic Overflow: (Warstomp) [ULTIMATE}
The Sludge Monster causes a nearby sewage pipeline to explode underneah it, dealing 390 damage to nearby enemy units and covering them in sewage, slowing their attack speed by 70% and slowing their movement speed by 90%. Lasts 10 seconds.

Yet another:
Name: Vampire
Proper Name: Vlad Tepes
Strenght: [PRIMARY ATTRIBUTE] 20 + 2.50 per level
Agility: 16 + 1.0 per level
Intelligence: 18 + 2.00 per level
Attack Type: Chaos
Armor Type: Medium
Voice: Dreadlord
Model/Skin: Varimathras
Race: Undead
Starting Abilities: None

Fiendish Brethren: (Locust Swarm)
Calls forth a swarm of dark creatures to feed on nearby enemies. The damage they deal is then given to the vampire when they return. Lasts 15/20/25 seconds.

Pacifying Gaze: (Sleep)
The vampire exercises control over a victim's mind, putting the unit to sleep for 15/20/25 seconds.

Vampiric Blood: (Endurance Aura)
Increases the vampire's life regeneration rate by 75/125/175%.

Feast: (Drain life)
The vampire sinks its teeth into its victim, transferring 280 health to the vampire from its victim.

The last two heroes require no triggers :)
Level 5
Mar 6, 2007
Heres sum ideas ive got

Name: Reaper
Proper Name: Nekrhis
Primary Attribute: Int (srry bout lack of numbers i aint too good at determining balanced stats :( i usually just base of an existing hero and do custom abilities etc)
Attack Type:Magic, melee
Armour Type: Hero
Voice: Shade
Model/Skin: Sumthing undead or ghostly with colour tints set to 0
Race: Undead
Default Ability: Ethereal (passive, always on)
Movement Type : Hover

Ether Walk (Based of Windwalk)
-The Reaper becomes even less solid, enabling it to glide straight through any opposition, also becoming invisible and moving much faster. When the Reaper strikes, it comes out of the Ether Walk and the extra energy of this transition is expelled through its scythe, dealing 10%/20%/30% of the targets max health in damage

Soul Drain (Drain Life)
-The Reaper begins to drain the soul of its target, draining the life and mana of its target (half mana and half life drainage of Mana Drain and Life drain due too combined effect)

BlackScythe (Black Arrow)
-The reapers Scythe is charged with dark energy, turning those who it kills into Ethereal Beings of Darkness to hunt the Reapers enemies.

Black Harvest (Locust Swarm)(Ultimate)
-The Reaper Sends dark energies coursing through a group of enemies, devouring mutilple souls at once. This turns a group of victims into Dark Souls which swarm around the Reaper stealing life from enemies before returning to the reaper. (Locust Swarm effect with Black Wisps models that also kills a group of enemies) Does not affect buildings, heroes or creeps above level 6.

and heres another idea, based of a WoW unit, this is cool and unique hero, coz it does nothing but heal!

Name: Spirit Healer
Proper Name: ???
Primary Attribute- Int
Attack Type- None!
Armour Type- Hero
Race- Other
Voice- Sorceress (or other female)
Model/Skin: Spirit Healer (extraced WoW model on wc3search)
Starting Abilities: Ethereal

Purity: (aura)
-the Spirit Healer is so pure, so holy that nearby non-undead, non demon units are healed over time slowly. (increases nearby units regen by 15%/25%/50%)

-Healers Blessing (Holy Light)
Heals 100% of a targets health/ 100% of health and mana/ 100% of health and mana and increases regen by 50% for 50 15 seconds

-Pacify (Banish)
The Spirit Healer makes one target ethereal and unable to attack, but the target cannot be harmed and has its regeneration rate increased by 50%/100%/200%

-Salvation (Resurection)
The Spirit Healer resurects 10/15/20 nearby organic, non undead non demonic units (even if they are hostile) with 20%/50%/100% life and mana. the units are invulnerable for 10 seconds
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