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Lots of spell requests....

Level 8
Jul 9, 2004
Im having a friend do some spells for me... but i made a list and its alot! each spell should be unit spells and be seperate from each other per level...

Dragon Tutorial Guardian (passive)- 4 basic elements, 1 healing dragon... random chance to get one of the 5 when u select your hero!

•1st dragon: Element-Fire, High damage 20% chance .2 second stun, 10% chance to attack on hero's attack
•2nd dragon: Element-Ice, Low damage 10% move speed reduction on target on attack, 15% chance to attack on heros attack
•3rd dragon: Element-Lightning, Medium damage 30% chance .2 second stun, 10% chance to attack on hero's attack
•4th dragon: Element-Earth, Very high damage, no special ability, 15% chance to attack on heros attack
•5th dragon: Element-Heal, No attack, 10% chance to heal hero on an attack for 10 life
Note: Very high damage~10, High damage~7, Medium damage~5, low damage~3. Each dragon must follow the hero and be UNSELECTABLE but still have chances to do spells, etc. Make the dragons each seperate units... use the dragon model and the colors as follows: 1st: Red, 2nd: Blue, 3rd: Yellow, 4th: Brown (as close as you can), 5th: Pink or Green(preferably pink)
The purpose of the dragons are to protect the chosen hero until they are strong enough to fight alone (level 10) they will not level up but each level set there scaling to +.075, if you can, make the triggers so that the dragons will teleport to the hero if he/she uses a tp scroll, and when the hero dies store the dragon in a region (ill move it to wherever). Make each dragon invulnerable! when the hero revives make the dragon follow him again.

the dragons should stay very close to the hero at all times...

NOTE: each level should be a new spell, you DO NOT gain skills as hero spells!
Archer Abilities:

•Summon Hawk: Raises the chance to hit a target around the hawk (range 350) for all neaby friendly units, hawk is unselectable and has no attack, make it circle around the casting point for 5 seconds (+3 each level) and have a 30 second cooldown, 27 mana (+4 each level). kill the hawk when spell ends! (5 levels, first level 10, second 12, third 14, fourth 17, fifth 20) Note: each unit skill requires 1000 gold (+500 per level)
•Elven Endurance: Increases the movement of the archer by 35% for 3 second (+1 second per level). Also increases attack speed by 10% for 3 seconds (+1 second and +5% per level). 20 second cooldown, 35 mana (+4 per level). (Requires level 12, then 14, 16, 19, 23) Note: each unit skill requires 1000 gold (+500 per level)
•Wind Arrows: Shoots an arrow (like stormbolt with .1 second stun) which has projectile speed 1200, deals 12 damage (+3 per level). 35 second cooldown, 40 mana. (Required level 15, 17, 19, 23, 27) Note: each unit skill requires 1000 gold (+500 per level)
•Archer Awareness: Increases the sight range of the hero by 100 (+80 per level), Also gives +3 agility per level. (Requied level 18, 20, 22, 25, 28) Note: This ability costs 2000 gold (+1000 per level)
The archer should also gain .015 scaling per level.

Fighter Abilities:

•Incredible Training: Increases the movement speed of the hero by 6% (+4% per level) permanently, also gives a 5% chance to dodge an attack (+3 per level). Required level 10, 12, 14, 17, 20. Costs 1000+500 each level
•Superhuman Strength: Allows the hero to wield his sword better, giving him a faster attack (5% +3% per level) and more damage (3 per level, only 2 first level). Required level 12, 14, 16, 19, 23.
•Godly Assistance: Creates a small quake underneath the hero, dealing 12 damage per second (+3 per level) for 2 seconds(+1 per level) Required level 15, 17, 19, 23, 27. 35 mana (+3 per level)
•Elite Guardian: Summons strength of the gods, icreasing his hit points by 25 (+10 per level) and damage by 4 (+1 per level) and making his health regeneratefaster (+.3 per level) requires level 18, 20, 22, 25, 28. 45 mana +8 per level.
The Fighter should gain .02 scaling per level.


•Healing Remedy: heals the targeted unit (Including enemies and self!) for 20 hit points(+5 per level). costs 30 mana +5 per level, 14 second cooldown. All level 1 spells require the same... 10, 12, 14, etc... instead of doing the priests/paladins healing animation play rejuvination. casting time 3.
•Weaken: Lowers the armor of targeted unit by 2 (+1 per level) and slowing the unit by 5% (3% per level) for 10 seconds. interruptible, 4 second casting time. Requires level 2 levels... 35 mana, 20 second cooldown.
•Elemental Blast: Randomely casts 1 of the 4 elements (fire, lightning, ice, water) fire does 23 damage, lightning does 10 (2 targets) ice does 16 (slows the target), water does 3 damage-6 waves of it in 3 seconds. 50 mana, 40 cooldown. requires 3rd spell levels
•Devine Enlightenment: Creates a shield of mana around the hero for 12 (+3 per level) seconds, absorbing 8 (+3 per level) damage per attack (3 damage minimum dealt) 35 second cooldown, 40 mana +10 per level. requires 4th spell levels


•Spear Wall: Reduces the move speed of the hero by 70%, increasing his armour by 3 (+1 per level) and damage by 4 (+1.5 per level) lasts 10 seconds. requires 1st spell levels. 25 mana, 20 second cooldown.
•Polearm Master: Pikeman wield polearms and are able to jab into there targets, this spell is melee and does 12 damage (.3 second stun) 40 mana, 30 second cooldown. 2nd spell levels
•Summon Scorpion: Summons several scorpions which attack the enemy for 12(+2 per level) seconds, (based off of lucust swarm using aracnathids) they deal 3-4 damage (+1-2 per level). 60 second cooldown, 60 mana (+5 per level)
•Talent Upgrade: Permanently adds 5 to intelligence, 3 to strength, and 2 to agility per level. amount of stats added doubles per level, 4th spell levels, 4th cost required.
Level 4
Oct 20, 2004
but sopho the description of the spell forum is misleading. it says "Request a spell for your map" on it, in bright green.