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Hero Ideas

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Level 1
Jul 17, 2009
I have some ideas for two new heroes you can put in AtD


Background:The Nethermancer is a mage that commands powerful dark magic; feared by most for its destructive powers. Many would have never thought to ask one for aid. However, with the threat of the demonic invasion coming, the nethermancers were accepted into the ranks of the Death Hunters.

Strengths:High mana pool, can deal heavy amounts of damage
Weaknesses:Very low health, low armor


Nether Blast:

By focusing his chaotic powers, the Nethermancer can fire a burst nether energies. These energies weaken the Nethermancer's enemies, finding their attacks to be less effective
lv1:115 dmg in a 400 range area, enemies hit by this attack lose -10% of their attack
lv2:145 dmg, -15% attack reduction
lv3:175 dmg, -20% attack reduction
lv4:205 dmg, -25% attack reduction


Whenever the Nethermancer is in danger, he can use his magic to make himself disperse, becoming a cloud of purple mist. This mist makes nearby caster's mana burn, damaging them in the process

lv1:The caster becomes invisible for 10 seconds, all enemies within 200 yards lose 100 mana; enemies take damage equal to mana lost.
lv2:invisible for 15 seconds, 150 mana burned
lv3:invisible for 20 seconds, 200 mana burned
lv4:invisible for 25 seconds, 250 mana burned

Mark of the Nether:

When a Nethermancer becomes exhausted, he can place a mark on a foe; syphoning life and magical energy from the target. When the mark expires, the mark fades away painfully, dealing damage to half the amount of health drained and slows the target's movement.

lv1:10 health/mana drained every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. 25 damage dealt at the end of the duration or if removed and movement speed is slowed by -25%
lv2:20 hp/mana drained, 50 damage dealt when debuff expires, -35% mspeed
lv3:30 hp/mana drained, 75 damage dealt when debuff expires, -50% mspeed
lv4:50 hp/mana drained, 25 damage dealt when debuff expires, -50% mspeed

Dimensional Warp:

By drawing on all of his power, the Nethermancer can temporary send one of his foes into the Twisting Nether. The Twisting Nether's energies severly damage the unfortunate victim of this spell.

Target is stunned for 5 seconds, he is not attackable during this time, when the duration ends the target loses 25% of his current health and 50% of his current mana

COLOR="DarkRed"]Runemaster[/COLOR]:Strength-based Hero

Background:These mighty warriors lived in the far reaches of Northrend. They draw their power from runes carved into their bodies with each rune using a different effect. When the Death Knight joined with the Burning Legion, these warriors were sought out and enlisted in the Death Hunter's army.

Strengths:Excellent survivibility, great tank, can buff himself in a variety of ways
Weaknesses:Limit on self buffs, low mana, horrid mana regen

Rune Carving:

The source of power for a Runemaster comes from the runes engraved on his skin. When activating these runes give the Runemaster great power, though he can only activate a few at a time.

Each level grants new runes and increases the maximum amount of runes you can have active at one time.

lv1:Maximum of 1 rune can be activated
lv2:Maximum of 2 runes can be activated
lv3:Maximum of 3 runes can be activated
lv4:Maximum of 4 runes can be activated

(I will post the rune list shortly; I have not thought of all runes)

Runic Smash:

The runemaster smashes the ground with the force of the runes. The effects of this smash varies depending on the Runemaster's own power. A rune must be active in order for this skill to be used.

lv1:enemies within 300 yards of the Runemaster take 25 damage per rune active and take 70 damage over 5 seconds
lv2:50 damage per active rune/enemies are stuned for 2 seconds
lv3:100 damage per active rune/enemies are silenced for 5 seconds
lv4:150 damage per active rune/enemies attack damage and attack speed are reduced by 50%

Runic Presence:

The runemaster's runes, even while inactive, grant his allies power. Nearby practioners of magic will be able to cast spells more efficently

lv1:Nearby allies gain 10% damage and mana regen by 15% while within 500 yards of the Runemaster
lv2:20% damage and 30% mana regen
lv3:30% damage and 45% mana regen
lv4:40% damage and 60% mana regen


In the most dire of times, a Runemaster can activate all of his runes at once. Doing so greatly increases all of his attributes greatly, however when the charge ends, the runemaster becomes weakened.

All stats are increased by 15+, damage increased by 30+, hp regen by 10, and mspeed/aspeed increased by 50% for 30 seconds. After this time the Runemaster will gain the debuff Exhausted; reducing all stats by -10, damage by -15, mspeed by 20%, aspeed by 75%
Level 1
Jul 17, 2009
I have to honest with you, I was tired/rushed to get this posted. Nethermancer skills are fine, But Runemaster's Runic smash and Runic prescence(sp?) were kind of just slapped together. I currently brainstorming a way to change them. I want Runemaster to have an aura and one skill that requires you to learn Rune Carving. Yes, my grammar and spelling fails. I will also upload the list of runes shortly.

I am Babel and I partially approve of this message. :p

P.S. Let's play DM again I want to kite you around some more XD
Level 1
Jul 17, 2009
What i have in mind for Runemaster is that the runes give effects such as every melee hit something happens I.e. stun chance, burns mana on hit, lifesteal etc etc.
Level 18
Nov 1, 2006
OH I see. Nice idea actually. If you have more keep them coming please! I'm trying to brainstorm on the new Death Hunter and I do like some of the ideas you already have posted I would just like more to choose from.

Also, if you can think of a new Darkness hero that would be great too. I'm once again considering creating an option to choose between heroes instead of just the Death Knight.
Level 1
Jul 17, 2009
I haven't been doing much thinking (plus laziness :p)on the Runemaster's runes but I was able to think of two right of the bat.

Rune of Brutality:Increases STR temporarly(sp?) by 5, damage by 10%, and gives a 15% chance per attack to deal 20 extra damage and stun the target for 2 seconds. Lasts 20 seconds.

Rune of Pursuit:Increases move speed by 40%. Attacks reduce movement speed of target by 20%

Thinking of changing runic smash to a spell that does dmg and adds effects depending on what runes are active. :O
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