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Level 3
Jan 3, 2007
Hey Nite.

First of all, I'm going to discuss the nature mage. As of now, he can spam wards and hide in a tree. Not exactly prime Death Knight hunting material. Suggestions:

1. Replace one of the wards with a lightning spell that deals damage based on intelligence, perhaps at maximum level 5x.
2. Replace owls with a spell called "Nature's Fury". I picture it freezing the enemy in place with roots (If they're caught in the AoE or some such; it couldn't be instant hit.), dealing minor damage. Afterwards, they could get hit with a wave of blizzard, dealing 3x strength, a bolt of lightning dealing 3x agility, and a flame strike dealing 6x intelligence. (These are totals, including damage over time, etc...)

3. Instead of hiding in a tree, how about a move called "Meditation" that heals him at a high rate and makes him nearly invisible? Makes more sense to me.

Second, here's the idea I had for a hunter.

Description: The Battlemage, as his title suggests, uses magic to augment his physical abilities. Extremely offensive, this character's role is to deal damage and weaken opponents. However, his HP is low for a fighter and his MP is low for a mage, as he is a mixture of the two.
Primary stat: Strength
Skill one: Great Cleave
The Battlemage, being a warrior, has the chance to strike a heavy blow. When this is done, additional damage and a subtraction from the enemy's armor are dealt. All levels have a 20% chance to deal the extra damage. Armor reduction lasts 5 seconds.
Level 1: -2 armor, +15 damage
Level 2: -3 armor, +25 damage
Level 3: -4 armor, +35 damage
Level 4: -5 armor, +45 damage

Skill two: Lightning Thrust
The Battlemage uses his blade to gather lightning, and then fires it in the target direction. Deals high damage for it's low MP cost. 30 second cool down.
Level 1: 25 mana, 1.3 second charge time. Deals 100 damage in a line.
Level 2: 40 mana, 1.1 second charge time. Deals 175 damage in a line.
Level 3: 55 mana, .9 second charge time. 250 damage in a line.
Level 4: 70 mana, .7 second charge time. 325 line damage.

Skill three: Lightning Slice
The Battlemage gathers strength, and then using the power of lightning, increases his attack rate significantly. Lasts 10 seconds, recharges in 30 after completion (40 seconds recharge total).
Level 1: +35% attack rate
Level 2: +45%
Level 3: +55%
Level 4: +65%

Ultimate: Arcane Transformation
150 mana, 1 minute cooldown. Lasts 25 seconds.
The Battlemage, having reached a higher level of power, turns himself into a dragon for a short period. During this time, he gains +100% damage and +10% movement speed, spell immunity, and his attacks combust mana.

So there it is; the first hero that's completely offensive. The game is sorely lacking in those. Anyways, those values are rough estimates, they can be changed around as needed.

I'll post the rest of the stuff later.
Level 3
Jan 3, 2007
Ok, this is the new Death Knight idea that I had.

Name: The Reaper
Primary attribute: Intelligence
Description: The Reaper, unlike the Death Knight, prefers stealth and quick offensive strikes to deal with his annoying adversaries.
Overall difficulty: Hard (More easily harmed than the Death Knight, and requires a lot of strategy to play correctly.)

Skill one: Mist Spawn
Description: The Reaper calls forth a beast from the mists, binding it to do his bidding. After materializing, it takes the exact shape of a creature. Changes shape and power with every level.
Mana cost: medium Cooldown: long

Level 1: Summons a Tauren-like creature with pulverize and high HP.
Level 2: Summons a Greater Abomination, with high HP and cleaving attack.
Level 3: Summons a Lesser Demon, with very high HP, cleaving attack, and critical strike.
Level 4: Summons a Demon; Incredible HP, high % cleaving attack, and critical strike.
Note: Basically, it has the power of the Death Knight's "Army of Eternity" summons put into one unit.

Skill two: Death's Hand
Description: The Reaper touches the targeted unit, and they despair. Causes the hunter to run about wildly and randomly for a few seconds.
Mana cost: medium Cooldown: medium-high range

Level 1: 3 seconds
Level 2: 4 seconds
Level 3: 5 seconds
Level 4: 6 seconds

Alternate Skill 2: Engulfing Darkness
Description: The Reaper touches the targeted unit, and they are cast into a world of darkness....Or at least, their screen turns completely black so they can't see for a little while.
Same costs, length, etc. as the other level 2.

Skill three: Scythe Strike
Description: The Reaper gathers pure energy into his scythe, and then slashes at a hunter. From his scythe, an energy wave goes forth. All caught in the wave take damage, and are briefly stunned and silenced.
Mana cost: Low-mid range Cooldown: medium

Level 1: Deals 100 damage, 1 second stun, 3 second silence.
Level 2: Deals 150 damage, 1.5 second stun, 4 second silence.
Level 3: Deals 200 damage, 2 second stun, 5 second silence.
Level 4: Deals 250 damage, 2.5 second stun, 6 second silence.
Note: That might seem like a lot, but it's about his only way to hold someone in place.

Level 6 ultimate: Mist Form
Description: The Reaper now becomes 90% transparent, passively. He also deals back stab damage equal to his agility.

Level 12 ultimate: Mist Stalker
Description: The Reaper, growing to nearly full power, has command over a creature from the mists that he previously could not control. Summons a permanently invisible, high-damage and high-speed unit that follows the target hunter. His attacks slow the targeted hunter as well. This unit has true sight, and lasts for 30 seconds.
Mana cost: High Cooldown: High

Alternate Level 12: Price of Cowardice
Description: The Reaper punishes those who prolong the inevitable. Gathering needed energy, he curses the targeted unit (Does NOT give a buff, he shouldn't know it was cast on him except for the Reaper's animation). Once the time expires, the hunter takes damage based on how far he has run during the time this skill was placed upon him.
High mana/cooldown, etc.
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Level 3
Jan 3, 2007
Secondary DK hero idea:

Name: Banshee Lord
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Description: The Banshee Lord hates the living, and would like nothing better than to bring demons to their world to destroy them. Along with her armies, she hexes heroes to a point of uselessness before she strikes.

Skill one: Crippling Curse
Description: The Banshee Lord removes years off of the hunter's training, making them have less intelligence, agility, and strength. This effect only lasts for 10 seconds, but is still very lethal.
Low mana cost, medium cooldown.

Level 1: -4 to all stats
Level 2: -6 to all stats
Level 3: -8 to all stats
Level 4: -10 to all stats

Skill two: Banshee Wail
Description: The banshees are known for their high-pitched scream they can unleash, dealing lethal damage to those nearby. Damages all units in a 600 radius.
Low cooldown, medium mana cost.

Level 1: 175 damage
Level 2: 250 damage
Level 3: 325 damage
Level 4: 400 damage
Note: This is the unit's primary creeping skill, as she has no summons to aid her!

Skill three: Reverse Vampirism
Description: The Banshee Lord curses the target unit, and for a short time, their attacks heal rather than harm.
Medium mana cost and cooldown.

Level 1: 5 seconds
Level 2: 10 seconds
Level 3: 15 seconds
Level 4: 20 seconds

Lv. 6 Ultimate: Great Curse
Description: The Banshee Lord unleashes a great amount of dark magic at a foe. Once the magic hits the opponent, they are silenced, blinded (chance to miss), crippled (35% move, 50% attack), have -5 armor, and take damage instead of being healed.
High mana cost / cooldown. (Keep in mind, this is her only real way to catch hunters and inflict pain.)

Lv. 12 Ultimate: Shatter Hexes
Description: The Banshee Lord grows tired of her foes, and rips any hexes from her opponent. Removes all buffs, conditions, etc. and deals 150 damage per condition. High mana cost / cooldown

Alternate Level 12: Word of Decay
Description: The Banshee Lord gathers her strength, and speaks the ultimate word of death over her foes. Once this is done, the hunter receives a permanent -2 health per second.
Cooldown: 3 minutes Mana cost: VERY high
Note: Yet again, I remind you, she has no summons. This seems about fair in terms of being able to deal damage compared to the Death Knight. That, and more than likely, no one will hit level 12.
Level 3
Jan 3, 2007
New Hunter idea.

Name: Cosmic Mage
Primary Stat: Intelligence
Description: The Cosmic Mage has studied many years to perfect his art. Finally, after many years, the call to hunt the Death Knight went out. It was the perfect time to test his abilities...

Skill one: Meteor Launch
Description: The Cosmic Mage brings a small meteor from space to his hand, and while it is still ablaze, throws it at his foe. Deals initial damage and then burning damage over time.
Low cooldown / mana cost.

Level 1: 75 damage plus 10 per second over 4 seconds.
Level 2: 100 damage plus 12 per second over 6 seconds.
Level 3: 125 damage plus 14 per second over 8 seconds.
Level 4: 150 plus 16 per second over 10 seconds. (310 damage)

Skill two: Grand Aura
Description: The presence of the Cosmic Mage and his mystical abilities inspire those around him, granting bonus mana regeneration.

Level 1: +40%
Level 2: +50%
Level 3: +60%
Level 4: +70%

Skill three: Meteoric Weapon
Description: The Cosmic Mage uses materials from a meteor to create a small, floating weapon that follows him around, slashing at his foes. Higher levels gives more HP and abilities, as well as damage.
High mana cost, medium cooldown. Max 2 out at a time.

Level 1: Weapon deals low damage and has about 400 HP.
Level 2: Weapon deals decent damage, higher HP. Now has Evasion.
Level 3: Weapon deals good damage, good HP.
Level 4: Weapon deals excellent damage, great HP. Now has critical strike.

Ultimate: Meteor Swarm
Description: The Cosmic Mage draws a number of meteors straight from the Asteroid belt, hurtling them down upon the Earth at terrifying speed to crush his foes. Meteors strike randomly in an area surrounding the mage, and deal 100 damage each and stun briefly. Lasts up to 20 seconds. High mana / cooldown.
Level 3
Jan 3, 2007
Wow Lost, every one of these ideas is amazing. I really am considering using them all. No joke. Expect that if I do, though, for 2.5 to be pushed back until mid January, but I will need all of us to do beta testing on it in the time between then. I am very pleased!

Good to know. I'll keep them posted as I come up with them.
Level 18
Nov 1, 2006
1. Battle Mage has been selected as the newest and final Hunter hero.
2. Great Cleave ability has been completed.
3. Lightning Fury ability has been completed.
4. Decided to make the Battle Mage Agility based.

I think I am going to make an adaptation of Meteroic Weapon for the Battle Mage's 3rd ability, but I really like the idea of an Arcane Brilliance aura that would increase the intelligence of nearby units. I know this would go against him being a completely offensive hero though :|
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