New hero ideas

Level 3
Jan 3, 2007
Name: Thief
Description: A rogue that was hired by the Death Hunters, his primary job is to provide gold for the team.
HP: Medium-low
Mana: low
Armor: pathetic
Model: Not important.


1. Pickpocket - allows a % chance that the thief will gain gold in the amount of 1/2 the damage he deals with a physical attack.
level 1: 2%
Level 2-4: raises by 2% per level
Icon: a bag or pouch.

2. Evasiveness - allows a chance that the thief can dodge an attack.
Level 1: 3%
Level 2-4: raises 3% per level.
Icon: Evasion (standard)

3. Throw knives: I have two ideas for this one. The first would be a variation of the Warden's knife-throwing, the second would enable a second form of attack.
Idea A: Instead of just one time throwing the knives, there would be several. Each timethe knives hit (dealing physical damage), the damage is calculated separately.
Mana: 75
cooldown: 25 seconds
Level 1: 2 "waves" of 35 damage each.
Level 2: 3 "waves" of 45 damage each.
Level 3: 4 "waves" of 55 damage each.
Level 4: 5 "waves" of 65 damage each. (325 max damage. Chances are, not all of them will hit)
Icon: Standard for the knife throwing technique.

Idea B: Enables a long-ranged attack instead of melee, which deals low damage at a fast rate. (1 attack per .8-ish seconds.)
Level 1: Base damage of 20-30
Level 2-4: increase bases by 5 damage each. (max 35-45 base).
(Not that weak if you think about it.)
Icon: A knife

Ultimate: Blurred form - The thief uses all the skill and strength he has to use his deadliest weapon - speed.
Mana: 200
Cooldown: 90 seconds
Effect: Increases attack rate by 100% and attack damage by -25% for 30 seconds.

I have one more Idea, actually...

Name: Paladin
Description: A knight devoted to the well-being and preservation of allies. A great fighter in a group.
HP: meduim-high
Mana: low
Armor: medium-high
Model: Spell breaker


1. Blessed Aura - protects nearby allies by increasing their armor.
Level 1: adds 2 armor
Level 2-4: adds 2 more armor per level.

2. Defensive Position - Adds armor in exchange for speed. (defend animation)
Level 1: -25% speed for 4 armor
Level 2-4: adds 2 armor

3. Divine retribution: has a chance to reflect an attack entirely back to the attacker, dealing 100% damage.
Level 1: 2%
Level 2-4: add 1%

Ultimate: Guardian Angel: Calls an angel down to help in the time of need. The unit flies and cannot be controlled. While the angel is present, the Paladin cannot die. (ressurects at 1 HP after death)
Angel's Stats:
HP / mana / armor: don't matter.
Can attack for 75 chaos damage.
Lasts 45 seconds, costs 150 mana, and cools after 3 minutes.

Yep. That's about it. I admit that the Paladin wasn't as well thought through as the theif, but they both work well.
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Level 18
Nov 1, 2006
I actually happen to think the Paladin is one of the better ideas you've ever come up with Lost. I am seriously considering it! But I also really like the thief... perhaps they will both be in future versions :O. I will need to consider these, and see if you can polish and fine tune them. Then we will see what the public thinks of the addition of these two heroes. Good job Lost.
Level 3
Jan 3, 2007
The only real edit I could think of would replace Evasiveness for the thief...

Loot Share - Gold received by the thief is equally distributed throughout the team.
Level 1: Gold shared normally.
Level 2: Gold shared, but the sum is multiplied by 1.5x before distribution.
Level 3: Gold shared, sum multiplied by 2x
Level 4: Full amount of gold given to all players.

This does NOT include the bonus gold given when you approach the ultimate items, and does NOT include gold given by the thief's first technique.

...I also thought of one more Hero...

Name: Trapper
Description: A hero that is used to weaken the Death Knight slowly.
HP / armor: low.
Mana: High

Now before I start the skills, here was the interesting idea I had - the traps can hit either the Death Knight and his minions, or if not careful, the hunters. Traps appear invisible to all but the Trapper himself.


1. Mana-sealing trap - A trap that eats away at the mana of the triggerer.
100 mana, 30 second cooldown. Lasts until triggered/destroyed/new one placed.
Level 1: Deals 50 damage to mana / summons
Level 2-4: add 30 damage to mana / summons
Max 3 out at a time.

2. Falling Trap - causes something to fall on the person that triggers the trap.
125 mana, 45 second cooldown. Lasts until triggered/destroyed, or a new one is placed.
Level 1: small rock. 100 damage, .5 second stun
Level 2: larger rock. 150 damage, 1 second stun.
Level 3: A boulder. 200 damage, 1.5 second stun.
Level 4: A house. 250 damage, 2 second stun.
Max 2 out at a time.

3. Marker - Marks where your traps lie, for your allies. No graphic on the map, but is shown as a ping on the minimap at the location of the marker.
50 mana, 20 second cooldown.
Level 1: lasts 4 seconds
Level 2: lasts 6 seconds
Level 3: lasts 8 seconds
Level 4: lasts 10 seconds.

Ultimate: Summoning trap - summons the strength of dragons to attack the loaction where the trap was triggered.
Effect: The activator of the trap is held in place momentarily, and a ring of dragons (every color) appear around him. In unison, they all attack. Each dragon deals chaos damage equal to 10x the level of the trapper. As well as this, the triggerer is slowed (ice) for 10 seconds and silenced for 20. This trap is not invisible, and can be seen as a small shadow on the ground.
Max 1 out at a time.

I dunno about the trapper, to be honest. It seems like it could fit into AtD, but...something just doesn't seem right. In any case, that's my latest idea.
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Level 18
Nov 1, 2006
I really like your ideas lost. Keep them coming. They are great hero ideas and it will be a hard decision which to choose. Also, I need to know what you don't like about AtD and anything that you feel makes it imbalanced or not as fun. Private message me these problems so they can be addressed.
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