Hero Abilities (The THING) Requesting!

Level 11
Nov 1, 2008
I am looking for someone who can do *all* the abilities for "The THING" for my map.

One Ability includes, a shape form. Where The THING will shape form in to anything with the same colour and that if you hover your mouse over The THING you won't get the actuall player name.

For the other 4-5 abilities, be creative :D like, (Must be The THING related)
Second Ability includes, digging in the ground extreemly fast like windwalk but people can see where you are digging like a bump etc. Thankyou sorry if that i only have 2 abilities!

The THING (Map Development) http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/map-development-202/thing-205511/
The THING (Recruiting) http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/project-recruitment-256/thing-recruiting-205505/

Edit: or 3rd ability, (Aura) when someone touches the thing, the thing has mind control over that unit for a peirod of time. Probably until someone snaps the human like gives a big kick for them to wake up or something. But if an AI touches him the AI gives full control