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[Import] Help with Import Paths

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Level 9
Mar 29, 2015
Hi! I'm trying to figure out these files import paths. Mostly the skins by themselves, the models I can just look at in the model editor and it tells me. But with the files with just skins, I have no idea, and the ones I'm trying aren't working. You don't necessarily have to list every skin and model in here, cause there's alot, unless you want to. But it's just confusing as to where to import these.


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Level 20
Feb 23, 2014
As for skins, look for something like this on the skin page:


#Note: these paths are actually the default textures' paths that the skin will overwrite.


As for models, first click on "More Info" (upper part of the image) and look for the underlined texture paths (marked by white letters in the lower part of the image) on the small window that pops up:


Alternatively you can click on "How to Import this Model" and everything should be there too, but... there's a bit more reading involved, so I think it's easier to just click on the "More Info" button :)
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