Help me find an old map

Level 2
Mar 10, 2016
Hello w3 community, I used to play a very old map(10 years ago/Rpg map) in wich you got this hero Warden Assassin/Warden Mage(can't remember exactly). You started from level 1 and killed creatures to level up, in the middle of the map there was a Town wich had shops to buy orbs, items, etc. In corners of the maps there were bosses(Gods) that were really hard to kill. There was 1 NPC who patroled the city/map with huge speed, killing everything in his way, monsters, bosses, pretty much everyone who attacked him(he was a Iron King/Holy Paladin) something like that. I think the maximum level was 100.
If anyone remembers this map please let me know and thank you in advance.
Have a good day!