Help me find the map please.

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Jul 1, 2020
Hello everyone, i want to find a map that i've played very long time ago. I've tried already searching on your site and on some others but my searchings was unsuccessful. The problem is - i don't remember the name of the map but i can describe more or less what about map was so i hope maybe someone will find something familiar here and helps me to solve this little problem.

So genre of map i think, was hero defence/survival. The map has forest terrain. In the center of the map stands big horde lumber mill. Lumber mill was surrounded with few horde defence towers and some barricades. Your goal is to survive enemy waves and defend the lumber mill at any cost.
The map has only three slots for players. You were unable to choose your hero directly in the game when the map starts. Instead of choosing hero you need to choose your slot with certain colour in the map lobby, becasuse every colour was bound to certain hero, therefore by choosing slot with certain colour you chose certain hero that you'll be play.

The map has only three slots like i said earlier, which bound to heroes, so obviously you have only three heroes at your command. The first one, i remember for sure is Orc Flamethrower (i bet you all know his model in WC3), i don't remember all of his abilities but i'm sure that one of them was some kind of banish (one of alliance heroes, blood elf wich can summon a phoenix has this ability).

The second hero is, i'm pretty sure, was Siege Engine, you all know again - basic unit you can bild from workshop playing as Alliance race in regular map. Unfortunately i don't remember abilities of this hero at all.

And the third was i think is Goblin Shredder (not so sure about this one because my memories of this map a little blur), again regular model of Goblin Shredder unit that you can hire from Goblin Laboratory at regular map. Same as with second hero, i can't remember any of his spells (.

I remember that enemies that attacked you were Ents, may be Furbolgs, Wispers, and some other forest creatures i believe. Again, can't tell for sure but at the end of some enemy waves, or a few of them you were attacked by some bosses or mini-bosses. Some of them in my memory have model of Night Elf building - Ancient of Wind (or may be Lore).

As i remember you was able to buy barricades and goblin mines (may be defence towers as well) to place them wherever you want, from lumber mill itself or from another shop nearby.

One interesting thing about Lumber Mill - if my memory correct, when you kill enemies they release a wispers or fireflies that your Lumber Mill will gather up (or harvest) and consume, to build up the charge. When the charge is full - Lumber Mill will release automatically a Big Nuke that wipes out all enemies on the map. I remember for sure that you can see the Charge Bar on your HUD. The only thing i don't remember about this charge, it builds up from killing enemies, or it builds up only by himself with the time bieng.

Load screen of the map i think (not so sure), was Black with some tips writted. The icon (picture) of map has black background with i think big green letters writted on it, but unfortunately i don't remember at all what was writted exactly - just rememmber that it was some big green letters on black background.

Back then, this map was quite hard for me, i've never beat her and i believe this map quite hard indeed (not because my bad skills when i was a kid). You can start this map only by yourself or with one friend (i mean you can star the game without full party), but i think if your group is not full it almost impossible to beat this map. If heroes not controled by players, they just stand and attack when the enemy aproaches without using any skills and die shortly after game starts - CPU don't control heroes at all if they don't controlled by the players, i remember this absolutely clearly. I believe the map don't have difficulty levels, so again to beat this map you need a full party of three players.

So, this is all that i remember about this interesting map, if somebody recalls something familiar, please let me know, i really wanna play and beat this map with some of my friends. Thanks everyone who spend some of their time reading this post. I really hope that it'll help me find this old map already).
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