[Help] Invisible Geosets in-game

Level 2
Apr 1, 2012
So I decided to modify a model by removing/adding some geosets with custom textures.

Everything seemed fine in the model editor, yet when I import it to a map, none of my imported geosets show up, the original geosets of the model are there, the game doesn't crash or anything, but my added geosets are invisible in-game (they're not in the model editor).

I also modified the model in .mdl format while I was working on it and only converted to mdx before importing in-game.

Anyone can tell me what I did wrong with it? I attached the model/textures in a rar so anyone willing can take a look at it.


  • KechachModified.rar
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Level 8
Feb 21, 2005
When testing ingame, I noticed an error with the cape and the head.
Looks like you have problems with your vertex groups, but since the model is damn huge (and inefficient, to some extend) it won't be easy to find out what exactly is wrong.

Edit: Turned out to be easier than expected. Don't use objects 86 and 87 (attachment points) as vertex groups.
I replaced them with a random bone (objectid 15, which is used somewhere else) since I don't know which geoset is what. It works, but the parts are not properly animated of course.


  • Kechach3.mdx
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