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the pandaren lumberjack, the skin that made me known. i still see this verry old skin as one of my best, or at least one of my most original.

dont bring up that other lumberjack skin that is up for dl on this site, that guy shamelessly stole my idea xD

hero, hellscream, hell, scream, pandaren, panda, lumber, timber, lumberjack, axe, hatchet

Hellscream (Texture)

THE_END: Great panda skin right here
Level 8
Jul 16, 2004
Sweet :D skin will you be realesing the others i.e the bog witch,kiki the drunken monkey etc our rating system is too low so i have to give a measly 5/5!
Still great work! :D !
Level 2
Jan 15, 2005



that rox :) all your recently submitted skins rock like hell ... wanna be as good as you ;-)

since pandas are my favourite units in wc3 and every other game - and i also love them in real :) - i just give credits to this skin ... 5/5 ... although you could really change the axe a bit - perhaps sharpen it a bit ...

still great job
Level 1
Dec 17, 2004
If you see this, this is a request from Chimp_Lord009

Can you make a chimp model file like this? this same model file you used to make this one. It's for my COTA campaign. Plus, can u add a Purple Turban with a white question mark on the front.
If you can change the weapon as well, look at this-
Give him no weapon, attacks with fists ( if you want to keep the sword, that's ok too).

I'll check back every day and see until then---if you can do this, i'll give you major credit in my campaign! -Chimp_Lord009 8)
Level 2
Dec 29, 2014
haha, Excellent. I assume this was for both a laugh and for use? Absolutely great mate. VERY original, that being why I shall give you -DIS REP-! However, I dislike the axe. So...

4/5 + Rep