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Heavy Duty Bolts

This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
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Heavy duty bolts are forged from darkened steel in the hottest pits of Iron Forge, deep beneath the soil. This icon fits well as upgrades, abilities and as passive abilities for anything from a medieval rifleman to a modernwarefare setting.

Made with illustrations in adobe Photoshop.

Feel free to use for anything without asking.
Credit: All I ask for is a quick @ mention of my Hive userpage and optionally, my Discord
name + user tag (Sapprine#2471)

You don't have to put me in special thanks or credit lists, a mere mention is more than enough.

Heavy Duty Bolts (Icon)

Both icons will be awaiting your update, see Iron Frag Rounds for suggestion.