Having trouble importing DD Universal Spellpack

Level 3
Oct 20, 2010
I'm trying to import Dark Dragon's universal spellpack.

i've followed the instructions as best i could, but i'm new to this and i'm having trouble with some parts.

Before you start make sure you downloaded "ddup_x.j" file and place it in your "JNGP\jass\" folder.
I did that, no problem.
Second create new folder in your JNGP folder and call it "ddup"
No problem with this either
In order to install this spell pack in your map! follow this steps:

1) Copy this 'Abilities' category!
2) Save this map
3) Close Map
4) Now open your map
5) Paste this "Abilities" category in your (Trigger Editor)
6) See trigger called 'Install DDUP' in "Abilities" category, enable it
7) Go to terrain editor (Main Window) and go to menu: "Extensions\Import
8) Now when you are asked to select directory u want, u need to select this one: "Path to Jass NewGen Pack\ddup\Imports" and press "Ok"
At this point i get lost. Does it mean find the JNGP folder and select the ddup folder that you just created? (I did that) And where does the \Imports come from?

9) Restart your map
I saved and closed it, but upon saving I got this message:
On external call:
//! external ObjectMerger .\ddup\libv2\war3map.w3a

.\ddup\lib_v2\war3map.w3a doesn't exist.

10) Delete or disable trigger "Install DDUP"
11) Add abilities to units you want, save your map and thats all!