Höllenschlund TD 2.2

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Höllenschlund TD 2.2

This is a 40 Level TD (containing special Waves)
Build towers to defend your base. Every few seconds enemies come out of 5 Spawnpoints (one for each player). You've to kill them! If to many enemies reach the end you`ll lose (You've a detailed dificullty selection). So build/upgrade your Towers
Able for LAN, Battle-Net and Single-Player. HAVE FUN! Note: You've no builder, but there are towers you've to upgrade.
The epic battle between the hell and you!

There are 12 diiferent towers on offer:
  1. Light Tower: 20
  2. Firestorm Tower: 10
  3. Vegeannce Tower: 10
  4. Poisen Tower: 5
  5. Frost Tower: 2
  6. Bounce Frost Tower: 5
  7. A-Bomb Tower: 9
  8. Multi Shot Tower: 6
  9. Pain Tower: 5
  10. Anti-Boss Tower: 4
  11. Auras: 2x4 | Traps: 6
  12. Dark Towers: 10
    Total: 100 Towers!

  1. size = 1,1 mb
  2. 1-5 Players
  3. 40 Levels
  4. There are special Levels
  5. 100 Tower (including Traps and auras)






Credits for moddeling

Maul, 5 player, single, new, good, many towers, no builder, good rated, hell, tower defense, top, Deamon

Höllenschlund TD 2.2 (Map)

16:32, 31st Jul 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected Leaks.
Level 13
Aug 25, 2009
Please seperate the information into color-coded peices to make it look more "Hive Fancy"

Pie Flavors
In this map you will engage an epic battle in the justice of your pie!

Abilities : Blueberry

Abilities : Strawberry Fields

How to play

Kill stuffs
Level 1
Jul 14, 2008
huh? what the...seems my eyes tricked me this time.=_=
thought i see an additional 1
my apollogies.
in return, ill test your map.


okay ive tested it a few times and im quite disappointed.

-wave 12 (those kodos) are too hard at that part of the game. maybe reduce their hp by ~15% or something
-red doesnt get any bosses(dunno if its supposed to be like this)
-the fire(2) tower has the same attackspeed as the fire(1) tower, rendering it completely useless
-towers like fire (1) and fire(2) should have more different names and a different appearance.
my suggestions: fire(1)-> Flame Pillar Tower, fire(2) Quickburn Tower
frost dmg tower-> Arctic Wind Tower(or just bounce tower)
frost towers name should remain.
-at last wave, red gets a whole WAVE of bosses instead of 1 boss like the others.
-the last upgrades of some towers are impossible to get because their prices are insane (fire(1)'s last upgrades for example)

also, this td could need a bit more variety...for example: different races or something
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