Guardians v1.3

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Created by Arrr


Map Info

A 6 players 2v2 map, Ashenvale + Cityscape tilesets.
One player per team will spawn in the middle position (red or purple), and the idea is to have a somewhat different gameplay depending on wether the other two players spawn on the same or opposite side of the map.
The mines in the middle can serve this purpose, becoming more viable as expansions if the opponents spawned cross map.
Creeps are quite tough, especially in the middle. The presence of fountains of mana makes healing really cheap with some heroes, so there're some runes of healing (125) around.
Fountains, two shops, and two marketplaces so close to each other in the middle are bound to make the map quite snowbally I fear.

I'll admit the map was rushed to release, both in that regard (meh creep routes / item for level balance) and ambience/decoration wise (boring doodads all over).

May I suggest playing on this map without ingame music? makes everything so relaxing.


Size: 118x118.
All features are listed considering a 2v2 mode.

-6 Players starting positions/4 players
-8 Expos
-2 Shops
-2 Goblin Labs
-2 Fountains of mana
-2 Marketplaces
-1 Tavern

total creeps:
-16 Green Camps
-14 Orange Camps
-2 Red Camps


A somewhat indicative overview






Note:Most of these are screenshots of the 1.0 version, new versions will not vary the map drastically, so these still are quite accurate

Change Log

First release

More room in front of the mideast and midwest expo mines, narrower path in front of the Labs.
Wider paths leading to middle area of the map.
Middle area made a bit less claustrophobic.
Fixed some aggro issues, by moving some creeps and terrain.
Adjusted visibility on creep camps.
Map is now considered Melee - Yes.
Other minor things.


Map was made for the Melee Mapping Contest #4 - 2v2

Please report any issue/complain you have.

If you have any questions about the map please ask, I'd be glad to explain my thoughts.

Map is free to use and edit - After the contest has ended please.

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates


Guardians, Ashenvale, Cityscape, 2v2, Arrr, Melee, Contest.

Guardians v1.3 (Map)

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