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Green TD Evolution v1.15b

Submitted by GenoHacker
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
GenoHacker Presents

Green TD Evolution
Created by GenoHacker

Map Info:

31/12/2018 - Map has been updated to v1.15b

Green TD Evo Full Playthrough by wtiiwarcraft

This is a Green TD Map, so it isn't very original, i started editing a map in 2011, called Green TD Pros Final VIII. It was a generally good map to play, but looking at it in worldedit, it was pretty bad, until recently my version was still called Green TD Pros. It is now named Green TD Evolution, it really isn't that much of an evolution of Green TD i just couldn't think of a better name, plus the map is so drastically different from the version i started with that i think its a fitting name.

What ive tryed to do with my version of Green TD is to make it more consistent, better balancing, better towers, better triggers and systems, better terrain and generally a better playing experience. In my opinion i have succeeded in doing that, at least in The Evolution Versions anyway, the previous versions weren't really that good.


-- Multiple Gamemode options, along with a full text system to choose them at the start of the game.
-- Fully Featured tool-tips and hotkeys for everything.
-- Modified standard Warcraft 3 Game Interface and Tooltips.
-- A Complete and fully functioning Multiboard.
-- A Fair way of getting rid of towers of another player.
-- Completely Redone Damage Values and Armour Values [ie, when you mouse over the weapon and icon values it shows you a bunch of percentages]
-- An Auto-Blink Movement System
-- Completely Redone Towers [Models, Sounds, Attacks, Etc]
-- A Complete Information Dialog with Changelogs dating back to May 2012 [The Quest Tab]
-- Upgrade Shortcuts for most of the starting towers

Information about the Map:

The Map has 11 Towers: Siege, Air, Frost, Poison, Aura, Traps, Chaos, Bouncing, Bash, Research and Spell.

Game Modes
Gamemodes, The Map has 5 Difficulty, 2 Separate Builders and an Endless Mode Option.

Use the below commands to choose what Game Options will be used. Type them one after the other.
To change difficulty or builder, type another command, to deactivate a game mode type the command again. You can also use the Game Setup unit which has all the options you can do with the command as well as a few more that cant be enabled with commands.

-d1 = Easy / -d2 = Normal / -d3 = Hard / -d4 = Very Hard / -d5 = Chaos Mode
-b1 = Normal Builder / -b2 = Classic Builder
-em = Endless Mode / -gr = Gold Rush Mode / -sw = Swarm Mode / -rw = Random Waves

The Game Setup unit can enable or disable all but the classic builder, however you can disable up to 3 of the 11 towers you can build. Their are also several varients of chaos mode on on the unit.

This is a list of all available commands.
-air -- Shows some information about air waves.
-immune -- Shows some information about immune waves.
-boss -- Shows some information about about boss waves.
-hero -- Shows some information about hero waves.
-clear -- Clears the screen of game messages, this does not clear the chat messages.
-gamemode -- Shows you what game modes are currently used.
-jackpot -- Shows you what the current jackpot is.
-debug -- Use this in the case that a wave doesnt spawn.
-commands -- Brings up a list of commands.
-zoom -- Sets your camera distance. Default is 2500.
-gamemode -- Brings up a list of activated gamemodes
-greed [PlyNum] -- Show various gamble stats
-damageinfo or -dinfo -- Shows damage values vs armours

Ingame Information
This is taken from Information Quests Ingame.

You gain Gold at the end of each wave, the amount of gold gained starts at 100 and slowly increases as you complete more waves by between 20 and 40 gold every wave. The player with the least amount of kills will get extra gold.

You will loses 10 lives for leaking a boss. Immune Creeps have Divine armour and come every 5 waves.

Some towers are better against some waves than they are against others. Example Chaos tower are good against Immune creeps but are less effective against other creeps.

The spell tower has some usefull spells, such as the stasis trap and and roar, that can really help you against some waves.

If a player leaves, his current gold will be split among the remaining players.

Your Builder will auto-blink if the distance to the point your moving him too is greater than 1200.

Thank You's
Below is a list of people who have helped me during the making of this map, it mostly consists of people from The Hive Workshop.

Accounts ive used to make post: GenoHacker, Smurphy101, The-Black-Doom

-- The People over MaulBot for hosting this map on their bots.
-- The People over at OHSystem, now known as Dota.vision (Also known by several other names) for hosting my map in the past
-- WtiiWarcraft for playing my map on stream
-- LordDz for telling me how to create new lines.
-- yip for helping me with my building scaling sizes problem.
-- TriggerHappy for fixing my Split Gold on player leave system.
-- Ezekiel12 for giving me the idea to make newly spawned creeps invulnerable.
-- Apathetic for telling me about the Button Manager program.
-- Dr Super Good for fixing my Sell trigger and making me realize i cant math properly.
-- Eubz for reviewing my map.
-- KILLCIDE for giving feedback on my map.

Changelogs: Green TD Evolution Versions 1.00 and up

Version 1.00
-- Renamed map to Green TD Evolution. formerly Green TD Pros

-- Added a way for players to get rid of another players tower that is in their area.
-- Increases the Health of all waves and decreased HP regen.
-- Decreased Poison Tower damage.
-- Changed the amount of gold given at the end of each wave.
-- Reduced the amount of upgrades an aura tower has by 4.
-- Added top down view camera and commands list.
-- Decreased the time a wave takes to spawn.
-- Changes to Creep Spawning triggers.
-- Renamed Shuriken tower to Bouncing Tower.
-- Reduced attack speed of Bouncing Tower.
-- Reduced the amount of Targets the bouncing tower attack hits to 5.
-- Increased Ultimate poison tower damage to 5000.
-- Chaos Towers 5 and up have increased damage.
-- Reduced Research Tower 2 damage to 2500.
-- Reduced Attack Speed research to 10%.
-- Reduced Ultimate Power research damage increase to 7500.
-- Changed Research Tower 2 Projectile.
-- Fixed Damage Aura 3 and 4 not giving the right amount of extra damage.
-- Fixed Endless Mode.
-- Air Units now have fortified armor and Increased HP.
-- Air Towers now deal siege damage and Increased Damage.
-- Siege Towers 20 and up now have increased damage.
-- Frost Towers now deal more damage.
-- Frost Tower 1 now has the correct AOE.

Version 1.01
-- Added a Debug system for when a wave doesn't spawn.
-- Added more parameters to the trigger that starts a wave in the hope that it will fix the issue of waves not spawning.
-- Minor Changes to Terrain, more space to build on corners and in player reds area, as well as other visual changes.

Version 1.02
-- Fixed -Commands not showing the full list for all players other than red.
-- Changes to some towers unit sounds.
-- Lots of Changes to the standard war3 Game Interface and Tooltips.
-- Changed Coloring of some parts of all tower tooltips.
-- Fixed Fire Trap 6 upgrading to Ultimate Fire Trap.

-- Minor Multiboard changes.

Version 1.02a
-- Fixed Frost Tower 2 Tooltip.
-- Fixed Poison Tower 10 Tooltip.
-- Fixed Bash Tower 8 Tooltip
-- Added Upgrade Shortcuts.

Version 1.03
-- Added Magical Village
-- Added different sell values for the selected difficulty.
-- Added Floating Text above a sold tower that tells you how much gold you sold it for.
-- Added -gamemode command.
-- Changed the way selling towers works, was by training a unit, now its ability based.
-- Changed the hotkeys and positions in the ui of most towers.
-- Lots of changes to Information Dialog, added release dates to each versions changelog.
-- Renamed Wave 59 to Naga Queen and Wave 60 to Naga Emperor.
-- Poison Towers 15 and up now have better crit strikes.

Version 1.03a
-- Small Changes to Terrain.
-- Minor Fixes to Some tooltips.
-- Changed the OHS references so they now reference SGN.

Version 1.04
-- Removed Timer Window and added a timer to the multiboard.
-- Changes to Spell Towers, buffed Spells and Towers.
-- Added Transmute spell to both builders.
-- Some Small changes to terrain.
-- Corpses now last longer.

Version 1.05
-- Changes to floating text when selling tower.
-- Increased the amount of gold boss's give.
-- Added 2 more fire traps.
-- Boss's now have 20% evasion.
-- Hero tower now deal 300% to hero armor.
-- All towers other than Siege and Research Tower now deal less damage to heroes.
-- Minor Terrain Changes
-- Small Fixes to Regions
-- Added more Doodads

Version 1.06
-- Minor Changes to Terrain
-- Fixed Debug Trigger
-- Changes to Attack Types and Armour Types
-- Changes to the Armour Type of several units
-- Increased Inner Fire and Bloodlust Range up to 1000
-- Minor Tooltip Fixes

Version 1.07
-- Minor Doodad Changes
-- Changed the text when moving mouse over gold.
-- Increased the base damage of Bouncing tower 1 to 7
-- Increased the base damage of Poison tower 1 to 10
-- Decreased the amount of gold given after a wave.
-- Increased the amount of taken off by the armour aura by 10%.
-- Added corpse creation for dying heros.
-- Minor changes to leading screen text.
-- The multiboard icons for current and next wave now change, Left icons shows what unit will spawn, right shows what armour it will have, air units have a vulture icon instead of an armour icon.
-- More Changes to armour types of several units, balancing the amount of units with each armour type.

Version 1.08
-- Map is no longer protected.
-- Corpses decay slower.
-- Roar now last 45 seconds up from 30 seconds.
-- Added a Gamble ability to the builders.
-- Changes to Information Menu.
-- Changes to -hero text.
-- Transmute now has a higher cooldown 15 mins up from 10 mins.
-- Transmute range increased to 1200 up from 800.
-- Buffed Research Towers.
-- Raise dead minions now last 120 seconds up from 60 seconds.
-- Raise dead minions now deal more damage, attack faster and have more range.
-- Fixed Armour Types of several waves.
-- Poison towers now attack significantly faster.
-- Increased the HP of ground based creeps that have fortified armour and decreased their movement speed.
-- Increased the Attack damage and Range of the Spell Towers significantly.
-- Added comments to triggers.
-- Removed shadows from certain doodads.
-- Fixed shadow glitchs.
-- Effects created upon losing a life will now be properly destroyed.
-- Creeps that enter the Life Zone will be removed from the game instead of killed.
-- Made some triggers more efficient.
-- Removed all abilities from creeps.
-- Reduced death time for all creeps to 1 second.
-- Updated Thanks list in quest.
-- Fixed Default Gamemode not working.

Version 1.08a/b/ba
1.08a -- First category of triggers should now be leak free.
1.08b -- 2 more categorys of triggers should now be leak free.
1.08ba -- Fixed purple creeps spawning on pink spawn.

Version 1.08c/C/d
-- Map should be mostly leak free.
-- Fixed bugs introduced with 1.08a/b/ba versions.
-- Fixed Research Tower not being able to be built after transmuting it.
1.08C -- Fixed not being able to lose.
1.08b -- Fixed leaver gold split giving negative gold.

Version 1.09
-- Fixed air tower 14 not selling for the correct amount.
-- Fixed start message spam for players.
-- Fixed typos and grammatical errors in trigger comments.
-- Fixed incorrect stats on poison tower upgrade shortcuts.
-- Fixed gamble giving extra gold when you get it back.
-- Fixed name of bouncing tower still being shuriken tower in loading screen.
-- Fixed more memory leaks.
-- Increased amount of gold immune waves give.
-- Increased duration of inner Fire and Bloodlust.
-- Increased amount of base health waves have.
-- Increased gold cost and damage of chaos towers and frost towers.
-- Increased damage of last 3 poison towers and attack speed of ultimate poison tower.
-- Increased damage of spell towers.
-- Increased minimum movement speed.
-- Decreased damage reduction provided per armor point.
-- Decreased chaos damage against other armor types.
-- Decreased the amount of bounty for the last 4 waves.
-- Decreased cooldown of Inner Fire and Bloodlust to 1 second.
-- Added current Game Mode to multiboard.
-- Changed all references of Smurphy101 to GenoHacker to reflect my name change on the Hive Workshop.
-- Heroes from Hero waves are now removed from the game when killed.
-- Minor Changes to stuff in the information dialog.
-- Minor Changes to Doodads.
-- Minor Changes to Shadows.
-- Minor Changes to Terrain.
-- Minor Changes to UI.

Version 1.10
-- Endless Wave Creeps can now have different Armor Types.
-- Increased time taken to spawn 1st wave to 30 seconds, up from 10 seconds.
-- Added Ghost (Visible) Ability to all creeps to prevent unit blocking.
-- Fixed Endless Wave not spawning after Wave 61.
-- Changed wave spawning system.
-- Changed Tooltip of Transmute.
-- Changes to base Aura Tower tooltips.
-- Minor Changes to the capitalization of certain letters in unit names.

Version 1.11
-- Removed Spawn Count messages.
-- Removed Crit Strike from poison towers.
-- Reduced Damage/Speed Aura Percentage.
-- Reduced Inner Fire/Bloodlust/Roat Percentage.
-- Reduced Research Tower 1 Multishot to 5.
-- Increased Inner Fire/bloodlust Cooldown.
-- Fixed Bash Tower 8 not stunning for 4 seconds.
-- Fixed Research Tower 2 not having 10 shot Multishot.

Version 1.12
-- Increased Siege Tower Damage
-- Increased Bouncing Tower Damage
-- Increased Bouncing Tower Bounce amount
-- Increased Time between Income
-- Increased amount on creeps that spawn
-- Decreased gold given by creeps when killed
-- Removed Crit Strike from Poison tower shortcut
-- Added Extra Gold for player with lowest kills
-- Added -zoom command
-- Reduced Starting Gold

Version 1.13
-- Removed most spells from builder and made them into items the builder has.
-- Change Build Tower Hotkey
-- Minor Interdace Changes

Version 1.14
-- Replaced the Normal Tower Builder with a Hero, that can build towers and unlock abilitys to spawn towers in case of emergencys
-- Almost all waves have had changes made to them, Health, Armour, HP Regen, Move Speed, Bounty, Etc
-- Several Towers have had changes made to them as well
-- Tower Tooltips have been changed
-- Traps are a new tower that expands on the singular Fire Trap in older versions, their are now 7 other traps that all do different things
-- The Map now uses a custom minimap and custom loading screen
-- The Tower Scaling and Instant Build triggers have been replaced with a trigger that achieves the goals of both
-- The Aura Towers have been completely remade, now their is only one aura tower that has 5 auras to pick from, 3 old auras and 2 new auras.
-- Added Command Book, a spell book that lets you use abilitys to activate commands instead of typing them, it also lets you manipulate the camera without typing.
-- Added the -autocam command, this will let you deactivate automactic camera adjusting
-- Added a 60 second timer when the game is lost
-- Added Creep Boosting, leaks will now get increased armour and move speed and will have some health restored
-- Reduced the amount of lag at the beginning of the game
-- Reduced default camera zoom to 2500
-- Removed Old Changelogs
-- Removed Observer Slot

Version 1.14a
-- Added the duration to tooltips for emergency towers
-- Added the ability to swap the positions of 2 towers
-- Added some easter eggs
-- Fixed Bash Tower 4

Version 1.14b
-- Traps work again
-- Slight changes to easter eggs
-- Slightly changed the name of variables
-- Added some new stuff that isnt enabled yet, its stuff that will come with v1.15

Version 1.15
-- Completely remade the gamemode triggers
-- You can now choose game modes via abilities
-- You can now disable up to 3 towers
-- Blue and Teal can now select each others aura tower to see its levels
-- Spell tower can no longer target aura tower
-- Added several different chaos mode difficultys
-- Added Aura % values to upgrade tooltips
-- Added Swarm mode
-- Added Gold Rush mode
-- Added Random Waves Mode
-- Added -greed command
-- Slightly nerfed Spell Tower abilities
-- Removed Gamemode from the multiboard
-- Removed research from research towers that dont make use of them
-- Removed Degeneration Aura
-- Extended time to choose modes to 120 seconds
-- Changed several game messages
-- Changed -gamemode command
-- Changes to several quest in the info tab
-- Increased Frost slow to 30%
-- Increased starting gold to 500
-- Changed how gambling works
-- Made lose life trigger more efficient
-- Added -dinfo command

Version 1.15a
-- Fixed Current Wave and Next wave not working properly
-- Removed Degeneration Aura from Aura Level Text for players blue and teal
-- Fixed some isses with Aura Level Text
-- Fixed some text issues when getting gamble jackpot
-- Gamble now has a cooldown again

Version 1.15b
-- Removed HCL and w3mmd stuff

Video and Screenshots:


Commands List





Topdown View



Game Start



General Game View



Information Tab



Loading Screen



Video 2016

Video 2018

If for some reason you would like to see all the other versions of this map go over to epicwar and do an author search for Smurphy101 or GenoHacker, that will bring up all the maps i have released.

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Green TD Evo 1.15b (Map)

21:02, 29th Mar 2014 Hell_Master: Map approved with a rating of 3/5 (Acceptable). See mini-moderator's (eubz's) review regarding the map:
  1. 21:02, 29th Mar 2014
    Hell_Master: Map approved with a rating of 3/5 (Acceptable). See mini-moderator's (eubz's) review regarding the map:

  2. eubz


    Mar 29, 2011
    The Hive Workshop Official

    Map Reviewer: eubz
    Map Name: Green TD Evolution v1.02
    Map Author: Smurphy101
    Map Uploader: Smurphy101



    There are so many tower defenses already approved and played but I like some of your ideas specially the Researching tower.

    Score: 60/100


    Nicely presented with the use of kobas' template but oyu should have told us that the map is protected.

    Score: 76/100


    Terrain complies the kind of terrain a tower defense should have. Nothing more I could say.

    Score: 70/100


    I couldn't say about how you trigger your map because the map is protected. It is really a wise descission to protect a map because there are some who steal maps and tell everyone it is their work. Once, I was a victim of this. One of my map which is approved here was uploaded in another site.

    Score: 60/100

    Object Data

    I like the colors you used in the tooltips. Nothing special on icons though, because used icons are blizzard-made.

    Score: 70/100


    I like the game. It is really replayable and the upgrades are well done. One thing is that, your frost tower level 2 tooltip should be Upgrade not Build.

    Score: 75/100

    Change the tooltip of your level 2 to Upgrade Tuskar Chieftain instead of Build Tuskar Chieftain.


    Final Score: 68.500/100
    3/5 Vote for Approval

    Contact: (Visitor Message) / (Private Message) / (Map Reviewers)
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2014
  3. GenoHacker


    Mar 28, 2014
    I did see, "The Original map i started with was not protected, this version is *protected*, the reason being Green TD is a frequently modified map whether it be a complete overhaul like mine or a version to add cheats or generally unneeded things. Not that Protecting the map will stop those determined to modify it, it will stop those who arnt, probably."

    I just added the part between the *'s

    Also if anyone would like to review the triggers send me a private message and ill send you the non-protected version, just note that some triggers arent as efficient as they could be, gamemodes for example, they really should use sub strings but they dont, at the time i created the triggers for it i didnt know how to use substrings, now i do. Also the triggers work fine, so i see no reason to change them yet, perhaps in the future when i may add more gamemode i will change them.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2014
  4. neven1


    Jun 13, 2012
    What about the usual memmory leak from Green TD maps is it fixed in this one?
  5. GenoHacker


    Mar 28, 2014
    I haven't had a single crash in my time making this map, i have also never had a green td map crash on me.
  6. wobbleidz


    Nov 29, 2014
    This has wasted my time two times now. IT BUGS ON LEVEL 46! IT JUST WONT SPAWN, even if i do -debug. it won't work. Remove this trash.
  7. katho


    Jul 18, 2014

    Everytime a unit leak the game freeze, there stand "next wave in: -now-", no way to play:wthumbsdown:
  8. poeti


    Dec 13, 2012
    I can't play the game.I can't even create or host the game.
  9. DaneTheBeast


    Dec 11, 2014
    This must be one of the best GreenTD remakes out there, amazing job on the map.

    There are issues though. Black-pink boxes appear sometimes all over the map, the loading screen has no date on it, it says XX/XX/XXXX
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2017
  10. cazador


    Sep 15, 2006
    Hey, I love the map but I have encountered a problem you should fix: on endless mode, wave 62 never spawns, and the -debug command doesn't help either.
  11. GenoHacker


    Mar 28, 2014
    Plans for v1.15

    Copying a discord post i made here.

    The first thing planned for v1.15 is a complete overhaul of the the gamemode triggers. When i initially created the trigger i went with my own approach to it, so whilst it was easy for me to create it also has a alot of unnecessary actions, i basically made one trigger and just copy pasted it and then slightly changed it for each combination of game modes.

    I will probably make it so there are 2 ways to choose game modes, a similer way to as it is now but instead of -d2b1 you will type -d2 and then -b1 and for endless mode it would be -em, the second way is a to create abilitys for all game modes and add them to a Mode Configuration Unit. The unit will make use of spellbooks to do this, so difficultys will all be in a single spell book, easy all the way up to chaos mode, the builder will likely be a single button, endless mode will be put into a spellbook that will contain several new game modes that i am planning on adding.

    After this i will begin work on the Save/Load system i have played for the map, this take advantage to the XP system Promises made to be able to show the Exp on maulbot.com. Their will be a post detailing the current features of this below.

    After implementing the save/load system i will work with Promise, i assume anyway, to implement HCL support and probably some other stuff.

    Their may also be other new features or addition that i come up whilst making v1.15. I will be releasing Indev versions of 1.15 as i did with 1.14.
  12. zero3334


    Jun 22, 2018
    i wanted to play this map but i can't play this map it always gives me blank error
  13. GenoHacker


    Mar 28, 2014
    I just downloaded the map and it works fine, its been running on Maulbot without any issues as well. The map requires you to have 1.29, so make sure you have updated war3. Other than that i dont know why it woudlnt work for you.
  14. zero3334


    Jun 22, 2018
    i downloaded a 1.29.2 version of warcraft and downloaded this map
    this is the error that i got

    Attached Files:

  15. biridius


    Apr 3, 2018
    I like how game modes are implemented there, compared to the other GTD I played.

    Found a couple of bugs:
    Level 1 armor aura reduces armor by 0.2 instead of 20%, probably a % flag missing
    Swarm mode - at some point, the spawned creatures get stuck in their spawning zone
  16. GenoHacker


    Mar 28, 2014
    Either the level 1 armour aura was never broken or i fixed it sometime whilst working on 1.16, either way the armour aura will be fixed when v1.16 releases

    In v1.16 i completely overhauled the unit debugging system so whilst units may still get stuck it will be far easier and quicker to fix them