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Green Deep Sea Murloc

Deep down on the ocean floor exists a murloc adapted to the great pressure and unyielding darkness. It Communicates with lumminesent lights and deep "mrghles". Its light organs area also used to lure prey and its gaping maw and long pale teeth gobbles up anything close enough to its anglerstalk.

A skin designed to represent the deep sea murloc from WoW. And is not at all inspired by avatar, even though the blizzard model share the same artistic theme/effect.

As you can see this is not a simple recolour of the previous skin. While being undoubtly based on the previous skin, it has further colour variations (such as the dark brownish green legs and reddish back topped of with a brownish yellow head.

The following image was used as a guide and referance:


Designed to replace the following textures:


Give Credit to me if used.

murloc, Mur'ghul, naga, deep sea, fathom, abyss, deeps, azshara, fish, salmon, trout, halibut, bass, angler, anglerfish, ulk, Seadevil, djuphavsfisk.

Green Deep Sea Murloc (Texture)

As part of our ongoing initiative to re-moderate any resource that was for one reason or another placed incorrectly in the resource section, this texture is Approved.




17:05, 27th Feb 2011
shiiK: Two weeks have passed since the last update, moving to rejected to keep the pending list clean.
shiiK: I love the shield on this one. Anyway, this one is a bit simple on the recolouring. It's all green and that's a bit boring. Try adding some variation to it like you've done with the other two. You could also try to make a pattern on his body to make it more interesting.
Level 21
Jul 2, 2009
I like Murlocs and their cousins the deep sea ones, and I really like on how the look by Warcraft III style.