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A model I did, with much help from Kellym0 with animations and whatnot.
I don't really have much to say. It's a goblin with machinegun anims.

You need to scale it down to 0.60 in order for it to look good ingame, the model was resized and fit with the anims.
I'm sure you could scale it down to its original size again, but I don't know how to do it without messing up the animations.

Still, it's not that much extra work to get it working.
Anyhow, a second model I'm uploading today. This model has no portrait.

GoblinTommygunner (Model)

22:11, 2nd Jan 2013 -Grendel: nice goblin model. cute little green fella.




22:11, 2nd Jan 2013
-Grendel: nice goblin model. cute little green fella.
Level 25
Jun 5, 2008
This Goblin Tommygunner is pretty epic in the Bligewater Cartel's standing mercenary forces, but the so-called "Something Else Decay Flesh" needs improvement. As for the Portrait, I recommend using a camera to show it and its portrait.
Keep up the good work.

Oh hey, a comment I haven't even seen. The something else decay flesh animation was an animation I tried multiple times to remove, because it was as you pointed out, not very good nor fitting. However, each time I removed the animation, it broke the model and all the other animations fucked up. So I just renamed it and hid it in the back.