Goblin Scavengers v1.0 [King of the Hill]

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Sep 9, 2017
Goblin Scavengers V1.0.1


Goblin Scavengers is a 10 player king of the hill game. players are randomly spawn in different corners of a large map and must make their way to the center to avoid the expanding ziggurats that start at the border of the map and progressively get closer to the center. Players can loot crates distributed along the way that provides them whit items that grant utility like (explorer dog, sentry wards, invisible detector, stealth cloak, etc.) other items include healing, attack bonus, armor bonus, mines, grenades and more. characters doesn`t level up so it is down to ability, items and strategy.


  • Random Spawn locations and random drops, so every match feels unique.
  • Starting locations are not symmetrical. Each has different advantages and disadvantages, but all of them have options to be taken.
  • Nicely decorated and immersive
  • Lore (in progress)
  • Fast paced
  • Skill based
Goblin Scavengers takes part in a world where all the races get along and live in harmony, or so it was until this group of 10 Goblins raided an ancient tomb near the White Castle. The tomb was inhabited by a small sect of cultist. It was rumored that these cultist hide some rare relics down there. The squad of scavengers finally decided to make a strike to the tomb and successfully stole a massive gem that seem to change colours and vibrate from time to time.

The goblins sold the gem to a mysterious traveling merchant at the White Castle. The group split the bounty and each took different ways. A week later, a dark energy started corrupting the lands. birds went crazy and migrated to the White Castle. hours later, ziggurats appeared on the roads, these emanate a energy similar to the one in the inside of the ancient gem. The goblins, each on their own path encounter this evil force and it was then when they started remembering the writings on the wall of the tomb that talked about a dark evil god that was gathering strength to be released and it also named a holy statue on the middle of White Castle that could save a single soul from the destruction. a soul that would ascend and be the last hope agaist the dark energy.

Each goblin runned away from the ziggurats spawning on the roads and made their way as fast as they could to the White Castle. They know that they must fight until only one remains alive.


  • Eliminated the other scavengers.
  • Get to the Castle in the middle of the map before the ziggurats kill you.
  • Get the gear you need to out play your opponets.
  • Survive.

To be added
  • One of the most important features is the possibility to play teamed matches. You can currently play team matches but the victory condition needs only 1 goblin to survive. and the spawns are completly random so it doesn`t place teammates near each other.
  • More items, currently the selection of items is pretty basic and standard but it is good to start for balance testing purposes.
  • In game tutorials and hints, it is currently missing tho the gameplay is pretty simple and straight foward.
  • May include Leveling system to reward offensive play.
  • Crafting system. maybe involving combination of items or scrap from crates used as currency in workbenches
  • I also accept suggestion of stuff to add so feel free to give me any feedback you can think of.


Thanks to all this wonderful people that provided me whit the Resources to make this map :`)


  • Release


  • "Bash ability" renamed to: "suppression" and fixed tooltip
  • Fixed grammar errors
  • Ziggurats can now see inside buildings whitout invisible vision grating units (units removed)
  • Rain ambient music encoded with better quality (32 kbps -> 96 kbps)
  • Fixed Disabled buttons. (no more green icons when the menu is open)

MAP UPLOAD: Goblin Scavengers v1.0.1 [King of the Hill]

Reputation for testers and reviewers :cool:


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Sep 28, 2014

1.) Make the map more bigger/ add villages/ custom pubg models.
2.) Add vehicles
3.) Add a Combat system like Counter Strike Assault (2006) Map [Counter-Strike: Assault - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com] or Toy Soldiers [Toy Soldiers v1.56]
4.) Remove the Map on the left bottom that make players sees each other.
5.) More Items Customization for guns.
6.) Different type of ways to get stuff not just crates.
7.) Bag/Backpack System that can store lot of stuff/loots.
8.) Add Crawling/Cover system where the doodads can block the bullets around the map make it more realistic (I saw a system like this) [Toy Soldiers v1.56]
9.) Walkable Houses to scavenge with and doors in it.
10.) Interact System. Instead of Open Crates. Interact to Open/Close Doors, Enter Vehicle.

This seems to be impossible as I don't see this in any of the map. Hope you can do this first.
11.) Add more dynamic entrance when the game started like PUBG like (There will be a Cargo Plane AI that will spawn to the map and you will have a button to deploy your character and parachute.