Goblin Mech

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After about half a year, donut3.5 returns with a smashing new model!

The Goblin Mech - All Purpose Killing Machine
Whether you need a destructive land devastator, or a mobile helicopter of punishment, the Goblin Mech is the machine for you!
-No Custom Textures were used!
-Use Storm Crow ability to switch this unit between the two modes.

-If this has any bugs, I will not be able to attend to them for a week.
-Attachment points are pretty barebone. After a week I'll update with more.
-To Poot: Got too lazy on the walk anim. WC3 animations can be sloppy anyhow :p
-BTN coming soon.
-Why yes, yes I did get very lazy with the portrait. Why do you ask?
-The face of the mech uses a pretty low quality texture, but from the WC3 angle, you really can't tell.
-Don't expect many models to follow this for a while.

Remember to always give credit where credit is due, and do not modify or redistribute to other sites!


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Goblin Mech (Model)

Goblin Mech (Model)

04:51, 18th Aug 2008 HappyTauren: Very nice use of ingame textures, and very suitable animations make this an awesomely well made model.




04:51, 18th Aug 2008
HappyTauren: Very nice use of ingame textures, and very suitable animations make this an awesomely well made model.
Level 3
Jul 19, 2007
Yay, you're finally back! This model is very good for a comeback! And it transforms. But I think you should add at least 2 spikes on the feet.
But without that, this model is still nice! I rate it 5/5!
Level 1
Nov 16, 2008
I'm sorry, but can you help me? I'm a new-ish mapmaker and I'm having lots of trouble with this model. When i try to set up the morphed version of the bot and place it on the map it goes from copter to walker in the sky doing a freaky spin thing then going back to copter mode. HOW DO I MAKE IT STAY A COPTER???
Level 1
Mar 9, 2009
Haha Amazing Model nice 1 Donut :> im new to hiveworkshop and im attempting at making a goblin campaign so thanks for the many models you have created :)
Level 2
Jan 3, 2009
okay, you have to make a custom ability for the air mode to work. To do this, go into object editor, then go to abilities. Create a new custom ability, and choose storm crow. Then, change it to no recquirements, and set normal form unit to the regular form. Then set alternate form unit to the alternate version that you made, the alternate must have default ability storm crow custom, and art recquired anamation names alternateex, then large, recquired attachment li Alternate, and finally recquired bone names alternate.
Then it should work perfectly.
Level 1
Apr 15, 2013

Uhm, not sure with what i did. When I tested the model, it started as the flying machine mode ON THE GROUND as if it was a ground unit/model. And when i used the storm crow ability, it turns perfectly into the mech model but when i wanted to change into the flying machine again, it just does the animation and then turns back into the mech. I'm not really that experienced when it comes to creating units, and maps. So, how do I do this? Thanks in advance