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Garena makes lag

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Level 12
Jun 1, 2010
People were advertising Garena and I have installed the Garena client. I registered there and entered a room, the rooms seem to excess 255/255 or they are almost unpopulated, it makes a problem to join the server. When I made a game, players would quickly get in and out. I was planning to play DotA. When I see that no one is pinging, I leave the game, but I don't see anyone created game, the list is completely blank, yet there is internet connection, when nothing on Local Area Network is present, I quit the game and return to the desktop, the internet connection is still there, but if I return to Garena client, after I was on a server (in the LAN), the internet disconnects.

I unplug and plug the modem many times to get the connection, and the result is the same with the Garena server. People say that Garena is better than Battlenet, but I think that Garena is worse because of overpopulated and underpopulated servers, lag and weird players.
Do you think Battlenet is better than Garena?

I have set firewall on with a exception of Garena program. I have seen before that it says on Firewall "game mode disabled", maybe this is causing the game to lag, but I don't know the source of this message nor to change it.
Garena is much better than B-Net in my opinion. RGC is another option if you don't like waiting around for other players though.
Lag can only be caused by the players themselves (On rare occasions, it's the servers fault)
And also, the limit per room isn't 255, it's 225.
On Garena, try to enter high level rooms if you can :] (People enter less often)
Level 22
Feb 4, 2005
Possible reasons why list is blank:

- You haven't set war3.exe for your War3TFT (use for melee only) and War3 RPG (use for all non melee including dota)
- You are hosting in the wrong room (e,g in melee war3 TFT rooms, in War3RPG but in Dota rooms)
- The room you're in is empty
- You have started garena but you didn't enter war3 from the big square button you have when in a room 'Start Game' but you started Garena and started war3 separately
- You entered Garena and war3 but then exited garena

Game Mode disabled sounds like you use AVG AntiVirus and maybe Free? I use mine with Game Mode Enabled but i use avg IS full but it's the same.

Yes tunneling is needed, also lag can be caused by your modem, entering a game of someone from the other side of the planet, i.e Asia, someone with bad connection lagging and making yousee lag.

Garena > Bnet for dota and melee
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