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Game error, difficult to understand

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In my Heaven's Fall mod that I released on new years, the newest version has a bug that I do not understand.

If you look at this post in its thread, you can see in general what the problem looks like (or you could download the Heaven's Fall installer and try out the mod, too!)

The BTNTemp icon shows up 7 times looking a lot like the unit production queue, but it shows up whenever you select a building that is under construction. However, it only shows up if the building is one that will be able to train units when it is complete.

Ignore the "Uber win" in the attached picture, that only appear after I started editing FrameDef stuff to see about fixing this issue. However, I was mostly having fun -- I am convinced this issue is not due to me editing the FrameDef stuff, since I had not done so when the problem appeared.

I'm almost wondering if my mod hit the maximum number of custom units, or some other such broken aspect of the Warcraft III engine. Does anybody know what the maximum number of units might be?

Edit: To make it easier for the passerby to understand the problem without reading the linked thread, I'm attaching a better image of what's wrong. Note that this is showing when the Altar in the picture is under construction! Doesn't make sense to me.


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Jun 27, 2008
Could you post the map? Someone else shoud take a look and see if the same happens for them as well, if it does not, it is your warcraft's fault. You can try deleting all triggers in map and see if problems remains, if it does, then it is Object data error.
The map did not have the problem; it occurred when the project was converted into a mod. I recognize that this means the nature of the problem is probably a difficult one to track down.

You can download the mod using the mod's installer program, available here:

The mod runs atop a Warcraft 3 installation by using "hfmod_pkg.exe" which is a modified "war3.exe" that runs "hfmod.dll", a modified "game.dll" that loads "hfmd.exe" as though it were a MPQ, loaded into the game to replace unit data.

That whole system has been working fine for a very long time now. The problem is a recent one that spiked up out of nowhere, I'm guessing due to a unit data update. Might be something in "Units\UnitData.slk" (Edit: or other related SLK files, I mean) but you'd have to look for the one in the mod's "hfmd.exe" MPQ archive.

(It was originally designed that way, with the core of the mod as an EXE, so it could be one of those MPQDraft EXEs that would launch the editor version of the mod when you ran it, so I could have the game and editor both with only one download using the templates and systems I had available. The "mod editor", however, ended up corrupting maps and more recent versions of "hfmd.exe" are really just .mpq files with a different extension, crashing the "mod editor" deliberately because I could stop it from existing that way so people wouldn't unknowingly corrupt their maps.)

Edit: I have known other people to have this same issue when playing the mod, so at least it is consistently broken for multiple users.

Edit: Fixed the issue! It was a stray newline character in "Units\ItemData.slk"! It was a typo, but even if it were deliberate it should've been "|n" for warcraft's system, not the ascii character '\n' which killed the SLK interpreter.
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