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Galactic Conquest

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Level 17
Aug 20, 2007
Galactic Conquest DE

-=Galactic Conquest DE=-
Can you handle it?

Current Version - v2b

Try out a game like this called Star Conquest (Its a shockwave game)

Special Features

Chat Board Message - You'll find out who's secretly talking to who, cause this isn't an ally all you can map game.

Find out who's the host! - Your the host and you deserve more than the usual Red position. You choose alot of things.

Planets, stars, where ever you are! - Choose the amount of Stars and Planets you prefer, RARE being hard, Plenty being easy.

Compressed to the max - Using my very noobish knowledge of the model editor and texture editor, I can compress the images and models until they suck.
I want it this BIG - You can choose how big your battlefield will be. That will affect the amount of stars and planets you can choose. But seriously, this galaxy ain't big enough for the two of us

Oops, that guy will lag - The loading screen both displays the status of the other players (Finished or not Finished) and has custom background!

No leaks - No leaks.


*I just uploaded the vPBC version... Panic Before Christmas!!!
*I just uploaded the vPBC2 version... Panic Before Christmas2!!!
*I just uploaded the v0a version
*I just uploaded the v0b version
*I just uploaded the v1a version
*I just uploaded the v1b version
*I just uploaded the v1c version
*I just uploaded the v2a version
*I just uploaded the v2b version



NOTES: Wizardum liked it... Don't you :thumbs_up:
NOTES: It takes like 95 minutes to win... WoW...


[Minor Fix] Extended the maximum gold carried by 10000000, but you will never succeed onto doing that
[Minor Fix] Increased the size of problematic ships
[Minor Fix] Removed Light Cruiser's crappy attack animation
[Minor Add] Added the option to turn off or on the tips
[Major Add] Implemented a Unit Limit
[Minor Add] New credits
[Minor Fix] Made the Dock cheaper
[Minor Fix] Changed the Battleship's projectile
[Major Add] Units cannot attack planets
[Minor Fix] Renamed Construction Driod to Construction Droid
[Major Add] Instead of using the spell Colonize, you just right-click it to the planet to own it
[Minor Fix] Changed Colony Carrier's turn speed
[Minor Add] Changed the Dock's model
[Minor Add] Implemented new victory conditions
[Minor Add] Starbase is created at start
[Major Add] New units added


[Major Add] Added custom icons to almost all units
[Minor Add] Changed the way to select your Technology Center
[Minor Fix] 40 Stars selection would lead to 40 Planets is fixed
[Major Add] Added options to choose the size of the Playing Field, the Amount of Stars and Planets have different values depending on the Playing Field's size
[Minor Add] Added Credits and First Timer? Tips
[Major Add] Able to mine at Stars
[Minor Add] Added new units
[Minor Fix] Changed Force 1's name


[Minor Fix] Problems with starting the game
[So Major Fix] Removed the transparent User Interface that causes a crash because of the Space Tile for some but many computers, definitely will not crash anymore


[Major Fix] Disabled Fixed Player Settings, meaning that it won't be randomized anymore, due to bugs I can't currently fix


[Major Fix] Checkered Cubes (Green or Purple) doesn't show in next game
[Minor Add] Starting Locations are now random
[Minor Fix] Leaving will cause all units to die, and all planets to be neutralized
[Minor Fix] Reduced the risk of having no selection of planets and stars
[Minor Fix] All planets and stars positions are shown
[Major Add] Replaced all the models' textures into one
[Major Add] Added player's coloring to all non-structure units, if host allows it
[Minor Fix] Changed the Light Cruiser's model
[Major Fix] Balance issues
[Minor Fix] Tooltip errors
[Minor Fix] Changed the Loading Screen to a different format


[Major Add] Added new units
[Minor Add] More races
[Major Fix] Removed some multiplayer bugs
[Minor Fix] Extra 5 seconds before starting the game (Due to safety reasons)
[Minor Fix] Additional map size
[Minor Fix] Made the Race Selector invisible
[Major Add] Camera system added
[Minor Fix] Changed model of the Mothership's drone that does not lag as much.
[Major Fix] Changed the name to Galactic Conquest DE v1a to reduce confusion against my map and some others.
[Minor Add] Added a hotkey for Technology (T)


[Minor Fix] Changed income rate, and some gold and intelligent costs
[Major Fix] Removed the disconnecting bug
[Minor Fix] Made Colony Carrier's training faster but much more expensive


[Major Add] New units
[Major Add] Chat Message Board (CMB)
[Minor Fix] More balancing
[Minor Add] Planet attacked warning system
[Major Add] Icons for avatar and representation
[Minor Add] Security added (lol)
[Major Add] Website info added
[Major Add] Modified textures of models to make them smaller

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Level 6
Feb 5, 2008
Galactic Conquest is a map made by Lord_Sauron, a friend of mine. I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't steal aspects from his map. Thankyou.
Level 17
Aug 20, 2007
I did not steal ANYthing...

Whats different from mine and his?

  • I can choose how many planets
  • My planets are generated immidietely
  • I don't have to replace the generated planets to another unit in the start (I noticed that)
  • There are almost no same usage of files (like models)
  • Mine is much simpler, though I like his stuff
  • My race selection is simply just and currently is an avatar selection when you check out the CMB (Chat Message Board)
  • I never knew of his Galactic Conquest until someone in another forums said so

I had no intention of stealing anything just incase there is something fishy about my map....

I will change the map name... Fine! It will be "Galactic Empires" though I can already see a red line in my firefox meaning it is a wrong word, I will continue that name! :spell_breaker:

Tnx Shadow Fox
Level 7
Oct 6, 2006
Ghoulrush, most space maps are a basic concept built off of this one and others similar. I had my space map "Imperium Galatica 2" going but my hard-drive failed and I lost it. Keep going for it, try to put in some neat things =).
Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
Put changelog in [Hidden="Changelog] [/Hidden] (just suggestion)

What is this map about
Should be graveyarded in 2 days if you dont put gameinfo (and some screenshots)
Level 9
Sep 5, 2007
Yeah I played the map and it's awesome!
First time playing it and I almost win, but vicboy is too good for me!
Excelent game, I love it!
Good terrain and unit models, and here's a suggestion:
-Give it some variety of planet models

When I would have more ideas I'll contact you immediately.
Level 17
Aug 20, 2007
Yeah I played the map and it's awesome!
First time playing it and I almost win, but vicboy is too good for me!
Excelent game, I love it!
Good terrain and unit models, and here's a suggestion:
-Give it some variety of planet models

When I would have more ideas I'll contact you immediately.

You wanna play it again? I can beat you real good again...

But there is one bug... One very powerful and annoying bug that can only be fixed by putting -opengl...

Anyone wanna help me? Cause almost 50% of everyone would need -opengl??

It says FATAL ERROR... What am I doing? The terrain? The game interface???


Give your suggestion...
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