FYI, How to fix metamorphose and other morph spells (Reforged)

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Jul 18, 2009
Thanks a lot for this.
I've noticed that this unfortunately causes another bug - any ability icons that are default become the "missing" icon (the Sammy head on classic, some random female head on Reforged).

I've attached a testmap showing the bug.
If you change the icons on the Robo-Dwarf ability they'll display correctly - or if you remove the units/abilityskin.txt they display correctly as well (but then you're back at square one with the transform bugs).

I haven't played around with putting values inside the abilityskin.txt file but perhaps something in there might be able to fix the default icons bug? Not really sure what the file's supposed to be though. Do you have any thoughts/knowledge around that?

EDIT: Haven't had much time to look further into it but I think it also removes art effects (models) that are default.


  • Transform Bug.w3m
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Jan 25, 2020
That doesn't let you have a duration on the transform though =/
It actually does, although you are correct in that it does not show the duration as an expiration timer like other meta abilities do. the hero duration is actually the casting time for the ability and the normal duration is the duration of the ability, if set to 0 the ability is permenant until deactivated. its weird af.