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its Malfyr, the Maltyr!!


no icon, becouse you can use the regulair satyr icon. if there is someone in dire need of a new icon for this though, i may be pursuayed to make one.

Furion, satyr, hellcaller, hell, caller, druid, shaman, burning, legion, trickster

Furion (Texture)

THE_END: Satyr Furion, just a awesome skin
Level 12
Sep 13, 2004
i know, i'm bad. i recolored the staff, the horns, some of the skirt or 'kilt', and the base of the cape is recolor too, though i did do A LOT of touchups on that one, so you could also consider the recolor the 'bottom layer', as i spent as much time touching it up as i would have redoing it. i just simply couldnt think of a better layout for the fucking thing.

well whatever... its not like this is going for skin of the year or anything... i just wanted a Maltyr...

its all about the lower cape really... i niftely transformed that into hair coming from his arms, like all satyrs have... hmmm... nifty....

Level 12
Sep 13, 2004
hey i'm dyslecticish and dutch, so typing english straight is one of lives more deminishing challenges.

and indeed, i only recolored the bits i thought wouldnt really add poop if i would completely redo them, and i redit (freehandyesfreehand) the bits that i thought would add into making him a believable satyr.

wich was the whole point anyway. believable satyr...

i do that trick a lot though... recoloring bits i dont see the use of redoing completely... or just not touch them... like Sol'Ta (demonhunternigga) i didnt touch the pants at all, the black pants of the DH sout him perfectly well... though ofcourse it doesnt make sense... you'd have to have your breain up your poophole and sit on it whole day to wear black in a desert ><

EDIT: oh poop, i just noticed i took the shots before i was actually completely done with the cape... sigh... ooh well... luckely wc3sear.ch shows 'the flat'
Interesting... A Satyr Furion.

Looks good, I already know which map I will be using it for.

Hey erwtenpeller (Or anybody else who is interested)

I had some creative ideas for Satyr skins If you're interested:
-Satyr Druid of the Talon (With Satyr Bat-Form)
-Satyr Druid of the Claw
-Corrupted Hippogryph
-Corrupted Hippogryph w/ Satyr Rider
-Corrupted Ancient of Lore
-Corrupted Ancient of Wind
-Corrupted Ancient of Wonders
-Corrupted Hunters Hall
-Corrupted Chimaera Roost
Level 3
Sep 12, 2004
you knwo what im not sayin its bad cause it looks good but i did one of these last year and posted it and i caught shit and had it deleted for doing the same exact thing except i didnt recolor the cape

any way good job im dlin it since my comp died in november and i lost every thing and didnt feel like makin anouther after that crap