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Furion new Skin

a more armored variation of one of my submited skins
yes... another garnogal styled
skin......yeah...its in 512x512 though...
sorry...in 256 it loses allot of detail...trust me...but if you dont care about that then reduce to 256
im also submiting it in goliath the god's contest
have fun adn use this skin

Furion, druid, orcish, orc, shaman, druid, prophet

Furion new Skin (Texture)

THE_END: Amazing how much it looks like Garn's style




THE_END: Amazing how much it looks like Garn's style
Level 6
Jan 16, 2005
Ahh...I miss this style of skinning, it's very nice, The face does look more of a new race more than an orc, im not even sure if you intended it to be an orc, but none the less, its nice.
Overall: 4.5/5
Level 3
Nov 22, 2004
Nice skin you got there!
I can see your style is mostly smudge it like you want. :p I like the style actually, but maybe it is a bit to much of the same on this? 3/5

The eyes shouldn't look upwards like they do, it's not correct. And the face overall does not look like an orc cause of your smudgy style. 3/5

The body looks good, although it's not an orc I see. 4/5

The cape is bad since there's so much smudge. 2/5

This leaves me with 12/20 - 3/5 Reduce your smudge use.
i cant say i'm too happy with your replication of garnogal's style. the smudging effects makes the skin look like it's made completely of fibers, even the metal. you should try smudging in different directions besides across. not bad though, although the beard doesnt look too good. you could try giving the skin color different tones for differnet parts of the shading oand hilights.