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Frostwhisper's Terrain Collection

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Media Manager
Level 49
May 25, 2007
Well I'll be damned. If you're looking for terrain, you've come to the right place. This thread holds pretty much everything I've ever done in the editor worth posting. Ever.

Like most people I have decided to add all my finished terrain to a single thread for keeping better track of what I have done.

Now, frost your eyes upon these wonders of the world of Warcraft!

First terrain evar.
Srs bsns.

A dump area, tainted with radioactive waste.
A ruined temple in the lands of Azshara, during the summer.
A landscape from the primal continent of Kalimdor.
Ancient Sparta, inspired by the movie 300. Water effect added outside WE.
A gnome warlock's tower, viewed from the top.
Dawn at a forest near a manor.
Bird's-eye view over the Plaguelands.
Bloody sunset over the Silithus desert.
The said manor at night.
The manor overview during day time.
An air battalion, consisting of air ships, boats and dragon riders.
One of the first goblin flying machines.
Mining company's air force. Guarded by a flying fortress.
The heart of Blackrock deeps.
Sunset over the night elven lands.
A foggy forest somewhere in Azeroth.
Another sunset in Kalimdor, with an ancient overlooking it.
"Reality Shift", a mirror image of medieval Europe into the world of Azeroth.
Midnight meeting of night elven forces.
Flight of the netherdrakes through a nebula near Outland.
London, inspired by the movie Sweeney Todd.
An infected house, abandoned by those fleeing the undead.
The interior of a once abandoned house now infested with the undead.
A joke terrain explaining what would happen in the events of total DJ domination.
A landscape from the countryside of Pandaria.
Next time think of the dolphins before sinking an enemy ship.
A contrast between war and peace, as nature takes over this forgotten tank.
A futuristic colony on a desert planet.
The ugliest volcano ever.
My recreation of Argus, the legendary Eredar homeworld.
A lighthouse on the edge of a forest. Rather generic, done for lighting practice.
A generic mountain for the Hive's competition.
A lone mountain giant, frozen in time.
Lother Pass, a beautiful scene from the Pre-Scourge times in Loarderon.
Quick terrain, done in 1 minute and 14 seconds.
Another quick terrain, inspired by Indiana Jones.
An exploration ship, sailing at dawn.
The same ship, preparing to battle two gigantic sea serpents.
A winterish scene done for a terrain challenge.
A Cretaceous herd being stalked by raptors in the desserts of North America.
Old terrain, random forest, no phenomena here.
Co-terrain with Famous. Legendary.
At this point I am banned.
Reboot terrain. Mostly for practice.
In honor of Aegwynn, Sargeras and jigrael.
Gay fairies - fag terrain.
Old terrain. Background practice.
Revised version of my first terrain.

Single-model terrain. Uses General Frank's steam fortress <3.
The Facepalm: co-terrain with Keiji.

Last terrain by me: post-apocalypse.






Hail and Kill

Well... fuck


A few lines of thought here... This thread has been the most successful thread I've ever made on these forums. It has seen posts of most, if not all the people around here that are really worth it. It was fitting for this thread to contain my last updated post.

The Hive isn't what it used to be for me. It began swell in 2007. I grew fond of several people and actually started friendships with them. To this day I've remained friends with those people, yet most of them are now away and rarely keep in touch.

Internet generations switch fast, and the forums are no longer a place for me.
Let it be known, tho, that the Hive has taught me a lot. So without further to due, I'd just like to thank a couple of people:

Ashley Chapman (Ash) - new user, yet a good pal, and a crazy alcoholic chap. Created hiveCHAN. Caused major lulz.

Elenai - my first friend at the Hive. Remained true to his word for two long drama-filled years. Cheers mate.

General Frank - for striking me with awe every time he posts a model WIP (while being the most polite user I have EVER met).

Squiggy - for being a good, honest pal over the short period he was here with me.

ragingspeedhorn - my mentor in the noobish stage of my stay here. Approved one of my first terrains, and dubbed me "awesome". It was an honor.

brad.dude03 - "I need my coffee". I will always remember that user title and avatar. Always.

HappyTauren - funny, rude, crazy. What's not to like? Cheers, you fucken eagle.

PurplePoot - dude is nice. Can really make good conversation.

Wolverabid - the leader of the Hive back in my noob stage. Loved that man. I really hope he returns.

MySpaceBarBroke - caramelldansen. 'nuff said.

Teh_Ephy - MSBB's brother. He's abrupt, savage, and totally awesome in the Off-topic section.

Rao Dao Zao - biggest. modder. in warcraft III. ever. EVER! (also, Scottish).

Captain_Griffen - cocky, rawrsome, and makes cookies. Also has a badarse voice on TS. Rock on, man.

Mecheon - brought the definition of "badass" to my dictionary. The golden moderator of the Hive.

Dionesiist - I've had so much fun chatting with this sick fellow. He is a great artist too.

WILLTHEALMIGHTY - "Beware of giant robots, Will. Beware of giant robots."

Traxamillion - the one and only lean mean green machine. Man wins hard and rocks your socks.

Dr00d - one of my longest-lasting friends here. Dates Mexicans. You gotta love 'em.

Hakeem - lolbot.

TheDivineBoss - who am I kidding? He's funny. He really is (not always) :p

MasterHaosis - :D what can I say, he actually had good intentions most of the time. Plus, we've had a couple of good laughs too.

Gilles, Void, Belgarath, Keiji and FamousPker49 - the terrain crew. I grew up in the Terrain Board with these kids. They are all winners in my book.

Hawkwing - I was one of the few who liked Gnome_bot. Enough said.

Cavman - win beard. cool personality. teamspeak was awesome.

Shados - thanks for the TS server dude. You're purple, hardcore AND in gradient.

Callahan - dude can really model and is funny. Too bad we never got to talk a lot.

RED BARON - a short-term friend, but a cool one nonetheless.

THE_END - funnest skin maker I know. Actually wish I knew this guy IRL. He's awesome.

DvO - one of the oldschool modders I know. Swell guy too.

Ralle - for actually making the site..

Syleona - for actually making the site pretty <3

Nhaz_UI - only Hiver I've met IRL. Bulgarian brotha'. Cool guy.

Huurka - boy was he a noob. But boy, did I sure teach him to be awesome. My kid. My pride. My legacy.

Pyritie - every story needs an antagonist. He made a damn good one.

If you reeeeeeeeally wanna talk to me and shit, just Skype me (frostwhisper.) or e-mail me ([email protected]).

Last beer's on me.

Cheers, and thank you.

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Level 6
Oct 26, 2007
What model did you use to make the spikes erupting from the earth in the 8th picture. If it's imported, where'd you get it?

Edit: and the chain in the 13th picture, also; where'd you get it - if it is an imported model, and not the in-game chain doodad?
Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
What model did you use to make the spikes erupting from the earth in the 8th picture. If it's imported, where'd you get it?

Edit: and the chain in the 13th picture, also; where'd you get it - if it is an imported model, and not the in-game chain doodad?

A stretched Ziggurrat which is under the ground.
Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
Oooh nice, but you made a small mistake in the mirror:

On the left, behind the tavern, you see two trees. On the right, behind the tavern, you see one tree.

And edit: Ow, and the right well has no bucket :D


Media Manager
Level 49
May 25, 2007
Actually, the one on the right ain't a tavern. It's a blacksmith ;D
And there are two pine trees behind it, just hard to distinguish from one another.

And damn that bucket... I'm gonna have to find a high-rez one.

EDIT: Updated with a bucket, larger tree contrast and two mice who apparently see the barrier.

EDIT2: Gallery updated with two of my recent terrains.
Level 2
Jan 10, 2008

They're all awsome! I like the Night Elven Sunset, it looks so detailed. But I have one question, what Footman model is that in "Reality Shift"?
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