World of Warcraft Terrain (Help)

I have an idea for a new map I'd like to create, and I need a World of Warcraft terrain. I look at games like Dark Age of Warcraft and World of Warcraft risk and notice how the terrains are similar. Then it clicked: could they possibly be using the same terrain?

Basically: I'm looking for an extremely detailed 'epic' size map complete with the World of Warcraft Terrain. What I'm asking my fellow Hive workshop members is can you:

A: Possibly supply me with a link to a download of an unprotected, completed terrain of the World of Warcraft?

B: Create for me a detailed World of Warcraft terrain?

Note: Having 'circles of power' at the different zones labled with the names (such as a CoP in the middle of SW, labled "Stormwind") would be appreciated.

Also Note: If you can do either A or B for me, I will give both the creator and person whom supplied me with a link with credits.
Level 13
Feb 8, 2009
i could create a terrain but dose it require rips? sorry i know no talking about rips