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Friends Farm 5.04a

Submitted by ZiGOR
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Friends Farm 5.04
Created by TykcukON (this is my pseudomym)

Map Info:

Janre: AoS/MOBA

One player plays with one hero that he picks from a tavern (-ar and -random commands are turned off for a while).

Items system upgrades all the time...

After 2 minutes "creeps" start to move from all bases to attack enemy base (classic).

The goal - to rush enemy towers and the base. Every force have 2 bases (4 total). Main buildings have the "Transfer Pain" ability - damage taken divides between 2 main buildings.

On every base you can see 4 shops with starting equipment (mostly it is gathered of parts).

On the center of the map you'll find 4 shops with main items that don't have to be crafted, you can buy it instantly (mostly).

Besides "lanes" in the Friends Farm world there is a rich content:

- you can go jungle - every spot differs it's monsters that drop unique buffs such as: Attack Speed, Attack Damage, Armor, Mana regeneration, Life Regeneration. Not every hero can easily jungle, but you can ask your allies to assist you to take some necessary buff...
- you can find 4 bosses on the map: Rhasta, Gondar, Illidan and Windrunner which can drop any item that are soled in any shop (except PvP Items).
- there are 8 EPIC bosses situated in the corners of the map: Ancient Hydra, DVP, Centaur Warchief, Sven, Dart Wader, Stifa, Leorik, Full Metal Alchemist. Each boss drops an Epic items that give your hero a huge amount of stats and good skills, BUT they drop upon death! To farm an epic boss you'll need a good team, gear and the strategy.

Every 10 minutes of a game time passes so-called "HAMMERTIME" - this is a TvT arena, winners of which recieve 10 PvP-Points.

PvP-Points is the unique currency of the Friends Farm world. For every enemy hero kill you get 5 PvP-Points. This currency allows you to buy powerful PvP-items, but you have to kill a lot of times to do it.

Also my map has a so-called "Ability Power" - almost every spell deals additional damage dependant on some stats (Intelligence\Strength\Agility).

After the first HAMMERTIME (after 10 minutes) in all corners of the middle lane spawns Tichondriuses (mini bosses) with an army of Abominations (4 of them and each have unique abilities: attack speed, attack damage, cold attack, bash). Tichondriuses drop additional 6 coins that cost 100 gold each.

When any epic boss dies - the enemy camp is attacked by forces of the Burning Legion, which brings heavy losses.

Every hero has a Recall ability that he have to channel for 7 seconds to teleport to his base. Any recieved damage will break channeling.

Total number of heroes: 72(+6 are planned to be added)
Current number of heroes at this moment: 39 (because of rebalansing)
The stage of completion: ~33%

Screenshots and Videos:

Gameplay Screenshots









Video Description:
Don't have it yet...^^,

Credits: Ampharos_222, JetFangInferno, RetroSexual, -Grendel, crl, NewbieMapper, Thrikodius, Champara Bros, Power, JetFangInferno, EvilCryptLord, Daelin, HammerFist132, Callahan, PeeKay, PROXY, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, frostwolf, RED BARON, Boogles, marcus158, Tranquil, 00110000, s4nji, JoySoy, Dan Van Ohllus, Mr.Goblin. and many other guys, I'll upload them later if you don't mind ^^,


- Rudenko's Base ability - Proficiency: deals 50 additional damage to stunned units.
- Dark Ranger's Life Drain: stuns target for 1 second for every 50 intelligence of the Dark Ranger; reduced cooldown to 60\45\30.
- Fixed Death Blink ability.
- Changed gold production amount to 4/number of players in each team.
- Changed a few trees ^^,

- Garotte: damage reduced to 20\40\60\80 per second.
- Vendetta: damage reduced to 250\500\750.
- Increased armor of all towers by 5.
- reduced vampirism with Dismember ability to 50% for every level.

- reduced damage of Blood Bath ability.
- floating texts of Searing Arrows, Fire Discharge can be seen by enemies if caster is visible to the target.
- removed smart behavior of creeps and towers in lasthitting wounded units.

- fixed the Dance of Dreams ability.
- Back Blow ability can't damage buildings.
- Epic bosses are weaken.
- changed attack type from pierce to hero.
- changed Magical Birds spell.
- fixed Ravenstorm and Phoenix Spiral spells.

- fixed some heroes' stuff;
- added the new item: Philosopher's Stone: Gives +6 life regeneration; +50% mana regeneration; +3 gold every 5 seconds.
- added the new item: Stone of Jordan: Gives +300 HP; +300 MP; Jordan's Reward (passive): On leveling up, restores 300 health and 300 mana over 8 seconds.

- added a new item - Rod of Ages: Gives: +20 Intelligence; +500 bonus life; +500 bonus mana; Grants +20 bonus life, +20 bonus mana, and +2 Intelligence per charge (max +200 bonus life, +200 bonus mana, and +20 Intelligence). Grants 1 charge per minute. Max 10 charges. Jordan's Reward (passive): On leveling up, restores 300 health and 300 mana over 8 seconds. Can not carry more than one!
- reduced intelligence bonus given with Dagon item.
- Spirit Link ability in Lestat's Rod of Hardiness item was replaced with Regeneration ability with 60 seconds cooldown.
- added a new item - Blade Mail: Gives: +22 damage; +10 Intelligence; +6 Armor; Return Damage (active).

- added 3 new heroes: Gnoll Assassin, Prophet, Grave Digger.
- added some doodads, rocks, flowers...
- added a few total fixes.

- replaced Mothertree Grace spell by a Party Recall spell.
- added a Buy Back system: when hero dies, Resurrector appears in fis camp and resurrects the hero for a fee.
- replaced the Chain Lightning spell by Lightning Ball spell.
- increased a gold amount given by the Philosopher's Stone item.
- reduced damage dealt by Omen of Famine spell to 75/150/225/300+(1*Int)+(1*Str).
- increased a gold amount given at the start.

- added 3 more heroes: Orc Warrior, Witch-Doctor, Mor'gul Morph.
- reduced damage dealt by Garotte and Lethal Blow spells.
- fixed some animations stuff.
- Return Damage spell now don't deal any damage to magic immune units.
- changed an interface of starting shops.
- added the Cornerer that stands near every boss (Rhasta, Gondar, Illidan, Sylvanas).
- Monkey King Bar item was replaced by Skewer of Krintiz item.
- fixed some Orc Destroyer's spells.
- killing neutral creatures now will give a little more experience.

- replaced almost all names, icons and bonuses given with items.
- Trueshot ability replaced with Pursuit ability.
- made ballancing work.
- Frost Bolt ability was replaced with Sacrifice.
- Made a very lot of little but sagnificant changes.
- Fixed the Night Owls ability bug.
- Fixed Recipe: Katana description.
- Reduced an AoE of Energy Burst spell.
- Fixed a HAMMERTIME bug.

- Fixed a HAMMERTIME bug.
- Nerfed an Inferno Ability.
- Lighted all Battlefield Shops.
- Reduced manacost of Body To Mind ability.

AoS, dota, lol, hon, lineage, l2, wow, epic, boss, bosses, pvp, farm, arena

Friends Farm 5.04a (Map)

17:47, 9th Apr 2014 Orcnet: Map approved
  1. 17:47, 9th Apr 2014
    Orcnet: Map approved
  2. SeedinAethyr


    Spam Moderator

    Dec 2, 2012
    Hello ZiGOR, I am reviewing your map Friends Farm. I've been really lazy with reviews lately but I understand the Hive needs some help clearing out the pending map section. Your map seemed the most interesting to me.

    The Review

    As I said, your map looked interesting. It has a very odd name, but that makes it unique. (I can't understand why you chose to name your map that way though.) The preview picture is high quality and very attractive. Your description is okay, but contains grammar and spelling errors as well as some Russian. Please translate the Russian. The map is not approvable until the description is fully English. I suggest you use some more BBCodes to make your description more attractive, because the part where you describe the map's features looks a little bland.

    Next, your terrain. You use raise/lower, lots of tile variation, and some doodads. However, your doodads seemed spammed in some places and not in others. I suggest you put more doodads in places that don't have any, and slightly reduce the amount of doodads in the places where there are tons. This includes the skulls on sticks in DVP's area. That doodad does not look good when spammed. The trees are well placed and provide ample sub-lanes for heroes to battle in. The gameplay is okay. It is an AoS, but the four bases was a really cool concept. I like how the bases are all different factions with their own troops. The way troops are spawned is cool too. The creep camps seem a bit over the top, but I like the variance in them. The shops in the middle of the lanes is also a cool idea. The multiboard is okay. It contains useful information but doesn't look very nice. It's easy to lasthit creeps, which is important. The Hammertime event was another cool feature. You give the players ample time to read over heroes before the game begins, which is a nice concept. You have a lot of heroes, and they all have nice custom abilities. Many are triggered, have nice effects, and most fit the hero that uses them. The abilities also have nice tooltips. I cannot comment on the balance, as the game has no AI. The Recall ability is a nice addition. You have lots of items, many with custom icons, and I like how you can craft items. The PvP items are also nice. I like the PvP points as the secondary resource, and the Game Time is a nice use for food (although it's not original). I can suggest that you add an AI for the map. I know it is very hard, but it would definitely make this map better. I also suggest you improve your grammar.

    I'm sorry this review was short, I hope it's enough to show what I think about this map.

    Friends Farm has a lot of nice features, is somewhat unique, and I can't see why it can't be approved (besides the Russian text in the description). It has nothing malicious about it and it stands up to the quality standards of this site.

    I give this map a vote for approval and a rating of
  3. ZiGOR


    Mar 17, 2012
    SeedinAethyr, thanks a lot for your reply and your rate.

    It's a long story... well, a lot of testers asked me not to change it because they used to play Friends Farm ^^,

    Sorry, my bad, didn't see it :) removing right now!


    Actually not yet))) I have only 30 active heroes, 42 another are waiting for balansing and update and 7 more are waiting to be created :)

    I have a problem with using ":" symbol instead of "/"... it would be nice if someone could help me with that :)

    I would make it and I even want to do it, but all my attemts had no result. If someone could help me with that I would be very thankful.

    I'm gonna work on it shortly.


    I want to say thanks one more time! I'm going to improve my map so it could deserve 5/5 rate! :thumbs_up:
  4. Orcnet


    Jul 31, 2010
    Good day everyone, I came here to clean your comment boards in regards of offense to one another, ZiGOR I believe you should remove any idealism of your hero unit from a base religion as respect and to not violate our forum's rules (http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/rules-information-710/site-rules-245478/).

    About the map's sudden and quick approval, I am here to set it back to pending and do the reviews myself. For now please wait for my next reply for moderation.
  5. Heinvers


    Arena Moderator

    May 7, 2010
    Sounds good Warchief:) I expect this map to be improved further.