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[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

Discussion in 'Blades 'n Gore II' started by Kitabatake, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Kitabatake


    Dec 30, 2005


    • "What is this map?"
    • "Can I play in singleplayer?"
      • Yes, Blades 'n Gore II can be played in single player.
      • However, most some gamemodes and features are multiplayer exclusive
        • Edit: Since bots were added in version 0.97i, most game content is now available in singleplayer.


    • "How do I play?"
      • Use the hotkeys (QWER ASDF) to use the abilities.
        Most abilities have no cooldown and stamina regenerates fast.
    • "How do I unlock camera?"
      • You don't. This is a conscious map design choice.
    • "Where's player health bars?"
      • Hidden.
        "Well how the F@#!% do I know how much health they have?"
        • If the character is bleeding and limping, he is low on health.
        • If the character is running away and trying to drink, he is low on health. Or a coward. Or bluffing.
        • If the character is charging towards you with full speed, he has high health. Or insanity. Or bluffing.
    • "LOL there's a bug!?"
    • "Isn't this weapon/armor/ability WAY overpowered/underpowered?"
      • Share your thoughts at the Balance Discussion Thread
      • It might be that you are not using the weapon/armor/ability/other thing correctly
      • It also might be that the thing really is imbalanced.
        • In this case it will be fixed for next version
        • You'll also earn +rep!

    Map Development

    • "When will you make <insert feature here> into to the game?"
    • "Can I help?"
      • I'm always looking for more betatesters!
      • If you want to help betatesting the map, request to join the Garena group!
      • Active map testing and bug reporting can earn your name to the notable betatesters list.
      • Also, hosting the map is very much appreciated.


    • "Where can I get the models?"
      • They are all either made or edited by me and I haven't uploaded everything.
        You can find the currently released models here.
      • I upload new ones every once in a while.
    • "This map rocks/sucks/something!11"
    • "Where can I ask something?"

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    Last edited: Aug 17, 2013
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.