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[Solved] Freddy Krueger custom model

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Level 7
Mar 22, 2021
We do not claim the exclusivity of the model for the project, we credit the author in the map and thread, wich has all rights to post the model on the site for all users.

Freddy Krueger Escape is a multiplayer map in wich 10 victims must survive in a nightmare while being tormented by Freddy Krueger.

This map takes place in a mansion in the dream-world. with Tight hallways and passages that lead to a constant feeling of being lost.
The fire and spike traps also play an important role at the time of tormenting those who wander around.
Choose different game modes and follow the objective as a Victim, Freddy or a Reanimated Corpse

All we need is a proper custom model, since the current one is a reskin of the zombie. I still think would be nice to leave the older one as an easter egg or an option, but It's not decided yet.

Freddy needs animations based on his skills


(17 - 16 - 15 CD) (75 - 150 - 225 MC)
Freddy sticks his Claws on the floor, causing (10 - 70 - 100) Damage and stuns the victims. It has a Range of (600 - 800 - 1000) and the Stun lasts (1.5 - 2 - 2.5) seconds. Also, Freddy Krueger gains Cleave Attack (150%) into 125 AOE.

(15 - 20 - 25 CD) (50 - 100 - 150 MC)
With each continuous Attack against the victims, Freddy Krueger gains 15% Attack Speed. Lasts (5 - 10 - 15) seconds.

(10 - 14 - 18 CD) (50 - 150 - 250 MC)
Gains 40 Backstab Damage and increase the Movement Speed by (20 - 70 - 120)% with Invisibility Status. Lasts (5 - 6 - 7) seconds. Also, you gain Bonus Damage (70 Maximum Damage) if you attack a stunned Victim with Spectral Claws.

(120 CD) (300 MC)
Create a Nightmare Shadow per every alive Victim. Each one follows a Victim. Lasts 30 seconds.
Nightmare Shadows has True Sight into 145 AOE and the victims can destroy them dwith Sacred Texts or Divine Crown.

(22 CD)
Disable a Generator: HP Conditions are independents from each one. Leaves it with 1% Max HP if its HP is below 500. Leaves it with 50% Max HP if its HP is above 500.

Basic Attacks causes 5.5 DPS. Lasts 5 seconds. Killing a Victim restores your Mana by 20%.
Gains 5 XP per every second.

I can provide video to you showing the spells Freddy has in detail.

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