Footman Wars: Ladies Night

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A traditional Footman Wars map

-For each kill, you get a bounty. Use that bounty to upgrade your units.
-Use heroes to capture circles of power. Who ever owns a circle of power will spawn ranged units.
-There are 6 upgrade types with 15 upgrades each.
-Max unit limit per player is 150 (not including summons).
-All heroes can summon Harem Girls at start, but when reaches level 15 (max level) he/she can then also summon Body Guards.
-Weapon upgrades outfit your units with new swords.
-Send spare units to jail for extra cash.
-Press F9 for full details.

All resources are credited to their authors in the map.

Footman Wars: Ladies Night (Map)

Septimus: approved
Level 22
May 11, 2004
Massive and final update.
Heroes and items have been balanced. All large bugs fixed. Features added. If you've downloaded this map before, I reccomend doing it again since so much has been changed/fixed.

Always open for suggestions. I intentionally left portrait files out on many of the units in order to help reduce file size (shaved off over 500kb!).
Level 31
May 3, 2008
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However, if you still insist of another review after it had been review for second time. Feel free to contact other admin.

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Map Review
1) Terrain - Excellent (5)
2) Trigger - Good (4)
3) Minor Error - Good (4)
4) Major Error -Good (4)
5) Replay Value - Good (4)
6) Fun factor/gameplay - Good (4)
7) Use of imported material - Excellent (5)
8) Single player - Excellent (5)
9) AI support - Excellent (5)
10) Camera -
11) Originality - Excellent (5)
12) File Size - Bad (2)
13) Internet/LAN Friendly - Average (3)
14) Balancing - Good (4)
15) Packaging - Excellent (5)
16) Credits -
17) Storyline -
18) Theme - Good (4)
19) Protection - Excellent (5)
20) Quality - Excellent (5)
21) Description/Information/Detail - Horrible (1)
22) Hiveworkshop rules & regulation - Excellent (5)
23) Game Mode -
24) Function -
25) Unit Placement - Excellent (5)

Total Accumulation Point : 84/100 = 84

[+] - Good terrain, as if there was really a party goes on.
[+] - Very sexy map preview and loading screen.
[!] - Quite unique, never seen such a footman war before.
[-] - Some trigger seems to be leak according to Leak Check.
[-] - Some item have hotkey while some doesn't had it.
[-] -

Review : The packaging of this map is good, it really make everybody want to download it. As for the gameplay, not bad. I am enjoying it since ...

Ugh* Don't want to reveal much info, sometimes it could ruin the fun of it.

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Unacceptable : 11-30
Lacking : 31-49
Useful : 50-69
Recommend : 70-90
Highly Recommend : 91-100
Director Cut : 101-105
Sub-Zero : 106+
Rating & Miscellaneous information
Score - 84/100
Rating - 4/5
Condition - Good
Status - Approve
Review - 1
The map might not be fully tested, if any user of the map found bug/error or anything else.
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