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Final Fatasy VII

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Ok as i said before a remake of a classic PS1 game hope yu like. thnx for the lots of comments and went threw and found lots of fixable things, btw for a couple of the coments i read it asked if i could use help, well yes i could im not a good map creator, noone ever showed me how to do things i just found out by testing, reading, and roaming, and mostly by editing other people's levels and reading their triggers,heres the list plz comment about anything els. (And yes This is only the first level of a campaign so its finished hince the Demo part).

1-Train can no longer be moved
2-RPG Cloude will now pause when you enter battle mode
3-Terrin detail improved
4-Red Robot Model Changed
5-Wait time for Magic Reduced to 1 sec from 2
6-Added Fail (if all your characters die you lose
7-Added Phenix Down
8-You are no longer able to attack biggs
9-Camera distance(While fighting boss) Increaced
10-Added Potions and Ethers
11-Song Restart time Shortened
12-Increaced damedge of soldiers and Sabres by 2
13-took away magic while not fighting
14-Fixed Spelling Errors
15-Added Arrow to guide threw first part (Just right click the blue arrow)
16-Bug (where if you click and hold to follow cloude's movements it will pause the camera)
17-Entrance to area 5 moved closer so you don't have to move the camer
18-Camera is no longer moveable
19-You are no longer allowed to attack or use spells on yurself or your teammates
20-Added Train model
21-Increaced barrets attack by 10 (because if you hit a soldier 2 times he'll hae 20 H. left

Scratched (fixes i couldn't do or decided not to do)
1-Add a Sabre Model
2-Add an ability to boss
3-Life not reset after each battle ,if barret dies in one battle he won't come back the next
4-Add a Start screen

I could use some help, if you want, i need : A start screen (For each level or the same, either way), a Tifa model, a Vincent model, a Yuffie model, a Cid model, a Cait Sith model, a Red XIII model, and a Cocobo model.

And sorry about the fantasy spelling error ill fix on next update.

FF final fantasy 7 VII Cloude slade2000xx HunterZero

Final Fatasy VII (Map)

21:22, 2nd Feb 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected Multi-upload.




21:22, 2nd Feb 2010
ap0calypse: Rejected

Level 4
Aug 1, 2008
I'm sorry, but this map needs some work. The terrain is just awful, and the combat system could use a bit of work (I can make my characters run around the arena during combat, and it can be micromanagement intensive constantly clicking on Cloud and Barret again and again to attack. This has some potential, just make sure you patch up the problems.

Note : Some areas have camera angle problems, in one scene I couldn't see Cloud anywhere as he was hidden behind a wall.

Note 2 : For the combat, you should possibly make a hotkey where you press UP arrow and your selection goes to Cloud and Down arrow and your selection goes to Barret (That can be created through triggering). Make sure you label the hotkeys on the skills like the A in Attack can be gold coloured like normal warcraft 3 ladder or it can be like Attack (A).

Level 6
Sep 27, 2009
im sorry as i said before im not that great at map createing so i have no idea how to make them un moveable. but i can try to find out. until then just dont moove your chars durring combat. and as for the arrow thing ill put it in but until then thnx for your comments.