Final Fantasy VII V1.4(P)

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One Word....Masterpiece.
Whats new in 1.4? ~Finally made ALL of the World Map,sounds small but its one hell of an update.~Even more/edited music.~Added everyones ultimate weapons.~Materia system added,you can now level up AND combine materia.

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Final Fantasy VII V1.4(P) (Map)

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Mar 11, 2006
This map is great, but I can't wait for the next version...
I don't know if you're already planning on this, but I suggest either cutting the Cloud/Aerith cutscene a lot or maybe adding some effects or action into it... My other players always seem to complain at that part when I host it.
And also, I always set ShinRa to computer because it's hecka boring to play it as a human.

I'll be waiting for the next version! I think it's a good map; just needs a new update.
I would recommend it to FF fans, so 3.5 or 4/5.