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Fiendish Butcher Reforged

This bundle is marked as high quality. It exceeds standards and is highly desirable.
I'm a judge in HD modeling contest #3, that why I create this model to contribute something to the contest cause undead is my favorite race. I intend to make something more horror like ( adding more hand/head/leg) but I gave up that idea
I will upload both version Hero( have dissipate animation ) + Unit( don't have hero glow, have decay flesh and decay bone animation)

I used the same name for both version(hero + unit ) that why I just upload 1 portrait model.

14/8/2022: Upload Fiendish Butcher Hero and Unit model + icon

Feel free to use and edit if you want, just give me credit

Fiendish Butcher Hero (Model)

Fiendish Butcher Icon (Icon)

Fiendish Butcher Portrait (Model)

Fiendish Butcher Unit (Model)

Without a doubt, this model is HIGH QUALITY
The execution is very good with the time-scaling, and the model has all the animations needed for a hero.


Since this is more of an undead unit than a demon, I would request to add the undead dissipate popcorn - and then I may nominate this for DIRECTOR'S CUT.
Hmm, I remembered I added it in hero version(SPNxUDIS), maybe I set keyframe wrong and you didnt see it.