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Feudal System Campaign

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Level 8
Dec 7, 2008
Hello Hive.

You may remember my post 'Pheonix Frenzy'. I have put it on hold for the moment and I would like your opinion on this idea.

In medival England, William the Conqueror set up the previously French feudal system, which involved a class system. On the bottom were Peasants, then Knights, then Barons, and on top was the King. I think I will create a campaign based off of this chunk of history.


In the peasant level you control a farmer. Each day you can buy things such as seeds in the village shop or farm vegetables to sell in the market. You need to eat at least once per day or you suffer 'hunger pains'. Whilst you have hunger pains, you move slower and take 5% of your main HP in damage every day whilst hungry.

In the shop you can buy a training sword for 20 gold coins - around 5 days wage for farming. After you buy it, you can train with it once per day - but this will limit the time spent farming and gaining money. Each training session gives 2 swordskill. Once at 10 swordskill, you can enroll in the barracks to become a knight.


As a knight, your job is to fight invading forces from France, who are trying to conquer London. Other troops will fight along side you, but they are uncontrollable. The missions include 'kill the French war party', 'Set fire to the French outpost' and 'Kill the French commander'. If you complete all of the missions given to you by your Army General, you are given a squad of men and become a Baron.


Now you are a baron, you have your own village full of around 20 peasants and 10 Knights. Your missions are wide, from village improvement to fighting other Barons. Peasants can stay peasants to increase the food stockpile, but can convert into Knights, who cannnot farm but can fight. Knights and Peasants can train swordskill again, to a maximum of 30 (Knights start at 10, peasants at 0) For each 10 swordskill levels, the soldier will gain a new passive ability. The main way of advancement in this level is to gain the crown. There are 2 ways of doing this - Peaceful or Aggresive.

The peaceful method is donating money, food and troops to the king, improving your village, or doing things for the king. Once you have +100% reputation with his highness, you can request his crown and rise into kingship.

The aggresive method is through conquest. Kill the other 2 barons in the county and attack the royal forces that patrol in the area. Once you have -100% reputation with the king, you can challange him to a fight. If you win, you can take the crown and rise into kingship.


The final battle. At the start of Kingship, a messanger will tell you that the French are starting a war against England. You now control 3 barons, each will their own special active ability, and around 30 royal troops, all at level 30 swordskill. You own a barracks where you can train more royal troops. A countdown timer will go down, and when it hits 0 the final battle ensues.

Again, you have 2 options - friendly or aggresive. The friendly way is to donate money or food to the French via the Privateer at the docks. If you do so, your reputation with them will increase and you will get more time. At +100% reputation, the French will call off the war. The aggressive way is to attack the french by sending over your troops to attack their troops over in Normandy. If you eliminate all of their troops before the countdown timer hits 0, you have won. Each assault on France will reduce your reputation.

If you cannot manage either of these things, the French will attack in 3 waves. French Grunt Soldiers and Archers will go first, then French Barons and their guards, then the French King, his royal guard and some seige cannons. If they destroy London, its game over. If you stop them, you win.

Other things you need to do in the King stage is build cities and outposts to expand, and research more techniques and soldier types. To the north of the map is the 'Runners' Camp, where you will find a runner. You can ask him to request the Help of the Scots. In 5 days, he will come back with the Scot's price - 10000 gold. If you can pay it, 1 scottish baron (who has warcry) and 35 highland warriors will be added to your army.

What do you people think of this Spore-like game?
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Level 15
Mar 8, 2009
i like the idea, but if it was so easy to become a knight or a baron...
also, i'd sugest to change 'hunger pains'... c'mon, a man must hunger for like 2/3 weeks to become so weak that he can't do anything =))
but anyway, it can turn out pretty interesting, if well-executed
Level 6
Oct 4, 2008
well, i like the idea.
but i agree with trillium, if it was so easy to become a knight.... but well, we're supposed to be making fun WC3 maps, not history lessons :p.

it could turn out pretty interesting, yeah.
Level 4
Mar 23, 2008
I have to agree, great idea, looking forward to it :). One thing that might be great for this game would be multiplayer, but of course that would just be hard to make and not working in reality, but wouldn't it be awesome to e.g. rival for the crown with your friends, or battle your friend, who would play as france. Buut, as I said, it's hard to make and probably wouldn't work, so I'm wasting my keyboard T_T.
1)How long will it take to end a day in minutes?
2)I suggest you do so:
When the peasant reaches level 10 with sword let him go on a battle or a turnament and become in battle solider and earn some money ,or give some money to enter the turnament to become a knight.When he is a solider he gets armor and shield for free and fight monsters and stuff and becomes gold when he has gold to enter the turnament he has skill on sword and shild.
3)Set for the baron to have challanges form other knights who wanna be barons!
4)Let the king have more time like for making friends in europe or so !
Hope you like my ideas hope they are possible!
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