Warcraft Realms of War!

Level 9
Jan 13, 2005
Map Name: Warcraft Realms of War
Type: Skirmish Map
Suggested Players: up to 8 players can play this map
Terrain > 100% complete
Triggers > 65% complete
All Object Data > 75% complete


In this map you will play either any race. That aspect is not changed. This map is unique because you will no longer need to click unit icons in any combat building to train a unit but you will train peasants from a special buildings into fighting units like in Battle Realms. The INITIALIZATION in the trigger still remains & unchanged. So the game will starts in the manner that a standard melee map starts. Also when you are away in your base, you will be notified when the training is complete because it will ping in the position of the unit being trained. So you will just rally your peasants produced in the farms (as in the case in Humans) to train them while you are busy sending some of your troops in battle. Also peasants will not cost you gold & lumber but only when you train them into combat units.


Human Units:

Peasants (Basic Unit)

Primary Units:
Footman (150G/50L/15sec)
Riffleman (150G/50L/15sec)
Mortar (150G/50L/15sec)

Secondary Units:
Priest (150G/50L/15sec)
Knight (150G/50L/15sec)
Sorceress (150G/50L/15sec)

Strongest Unit:
Spell Breaker (150G/50L/15sec)


Townhall (can no longer produce peasants)
Arcane Sanctum
Altar of Kings
Lumber Yard
Farm (can now produce peasants)


Peasant > Barracks = footman > Workshop = Knight > Arcane S = Spell Breaker

Peasant > Barracks = footman > Arcane S = Priest > Workshop = Spell Breaker

Peasant > Workshop = Riffleman > Arcane S = Sorceress > Barracks = Spell Breaker

Peasant > Workshop = Riffleman > Barracks = Knight > Arcane S = Spell Breaker

Peasant > Arcane S = Mortar > Barracks = Priest > Workshop = Spell Breaker

Peasant > Arcane S = Mortar > Workshop = Sorceress > Barracks = Spell Breaker

Therefore if you train a peasant to become a spell breaker it will cost you this total amount of resources & time (450G/150/45secs)

For now, I am being slowed of copyng/pasting the triggers & modifying them & the amount of time spent to create custom units for each of the races.
This map will be exclusively available in wc3sear.